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This List of Special Goodness demos attempts to document every demo session by Patrick Wilson's ongoing project The Special Goodness.


Some of these demos were released as free mp3s at the band's official site, some were pressed onto CDs for booking purposes, a couple have been bootlegged, and still others remain unreleased. Mp3s of the 2000, 2001, and 2002 demos can often be found at Allthingsweezer.

Pre-Special Goodness

Suburban Advantage

Wilson's first solo demo in 1994, under the name Suburban Advantage, can be considered an early Special Goodness demo.

Huge Guy

A direct precursor to The Special Goodness, the 1995 Huge Guy demos led directly into the recording of the first Special Goodness album.

The Special Goodness

Spring 1999

Karl Koch: Note that four of these songs ended up on a special 20-25 CD run of CD-Rs that were sent out to various venues, in the process of booking the fall 1999 SG tour. Those cd-r's have the ten songs from the Japanese release (of the debut album), plus four of the above songs tacked on. All recorded by Pat, direct to laptop computer in a spare bedroom at his house in Portland.

March 2000

Karl Koch: These were recorded by Pat, at home in Portland, just before heading to LA for the new Weezer rehearsal sessions....about twenty CD copies were made and distributed to people at record companies.

September 2001

February 2002

April 2005

Unreleased Special Goodness album sessions, The Steakhouse, L.A. Although not a demo, it is included here for the sake of documentation.

Karl: While waiting for "Make Believe" to be mixed and released, Pat took advantage of the time at hand and went into The Steakhouse Studio in the Valley and recorded a full album, with Scott Shriner playing bass and Atom Willard on drums. Joe Barresi engineered. Overdubs were done at a small private studio out in Sun Valley, and the album was mixed and mastered at yet another small valley studio. All this was also overseen by Joe B. Pat later made an executive decision to scrap this album despite it being excellently recorded and super rocking, mostly over concerns of commercial viability. Tracklisting unavailable.

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