Weezer concert: 07/21/2002

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On July 21, 2002 Weezer performed in Mansfield, MA at the Tweeter Center on the Enlightenment Tour in support of Maladroit. The opening acts on the main stage were Sparta and Dashboard Confessional. Loudermilk, Home Town Hero and AM Radio performed on the side stage.

Karl's Corner

07/21/02 giant =w= for sale... no, not that one...
Enlightenment Tour Day 16: Boston, MA; Tweeter Center

The Tweeter Center in Mansfield is sort of like a giant summer camp with an ampitheatre built in. Out in the parking lot before the show, people were just loungin in true tailgate style. The weez patrol set out on BMX bikes to assess the situation, and we determined that the peeps were having bonafide cookouts on little portable grills, blasting music from boomboxes, and hosting "chip a golf ball at the giant =w= that we mounted on the roof of our Dodge Caravan and win $3" contests. Wait a minute, "chip a golf ball at the giant =w= that we mounted on the roof of our Dodge Caravan and win $3" contests? Thats right! We dont know why they built it, why they mounted it to the roof of their motor vehicle, nor why they were having people chip golf balls at it for a $3 prize if they hit it, but we do know that they didnt intend on taking it home with them, and were trying to sell it! We didnt need yet another giant =w=, so we declined. Did anyone end up with it? They claimed they were gonna torch it right there after the show if no one took it off their hands, and they had the lighter fluid to do it. We did see, however, a bicycle Police unit patrolling the parking lot later, so who knows what went down in the end...
...Today the side stage zone was a nice forested glade perfect for a campfire sing-a-long, and the side stage bands laid down another trio of the good rock. And the Camp Weez Ampitheater hosted another rousing pep rally, where the giant =w= did indeed burn, no lighter fluid needed!

Fan reaction

  • These e-mails from fans were posted on weezer.com:

...Oh my goodness. I work at the tweeter center, so I see a LOT of shows, and I can say without a doubt that tonights performance rocked mansfield harder than its ever been rocked before. Didn't see much side stage action (a bit of loudermilk and the end of AM radio), but what I saw was great. Sparta was incredible...a perfect opening to the night. I'm not a big Chris Carrabba fan, but Dashboard played a decent set, highlighted by a great performance of Hands Down. But the highlight of the night was weezer, of course. My seats were in section six, right behind the sound booth. This means i had the pleasure of seeing Karl set up his camera from about 10 feet away! I snapped a picture of him when he wasn't looking. I also snapped a picture of the set list, which I could read from my seat (I tried not to read too far down though...didn't want to spoil the surprise!). Undone was the first song that REALLY got me going. I was speechless. Tears came to my eyes. The lighting and smoke during Only In Dreams was FANTASTIC-it gave the perfect surreal image to the bands solos. Seeing Pat bustin out his rhythms from 20 feet in the air also gave me a thrill. I was pleasantly surprised when weezers little "set list problem occured" and they busted out My Name Is Jonas to a wild crowd. Island in the Sun just brought the entire crowd to a frenzied state of excitement. The only thing I missed was Buddy Holly...and this was MORE than made up for by their playing of Say It Ain't So as their first encore-its been my favorite song ever since I discovered weezer! I am in complete and total ecstasy tonight...the only worry I have is that now that I've heard my favorite band play my favorite song during my perfect night, I'll have nothing left to look forward to in life...the only thing that I think could rival it is landing on the moon. All in all, it was the best night of my life. My first weezer concert, and it sure as heckarooni won't be my last. Rock On! =w= forever ---brian gracia (kalamadea from the message boards)

...Just got back from the show, and it rocked. There was so much Pinkerton... hearing Across the Sea live was simply incredible. Only in Dreams was equally amazing, and seeing the guys having fun was great. I had an amazing time, and I know the thousands of other people there did too. Dashboard was great, Sparta was great, but Weezer most definitely stole the show. The best concert I've been to by far! ---Andrew Y.

...I've gotta say, this is the 3rd Weezer concert I've been to in less than a year and it's whipped both the others. The setlist was amazing from Weezer with some really awesome showings from both Sparta and Dashboard Confessional. I'm surprised Sparta isn't a more heard band around here, they rocked it. People went crazy for Dashboard too as usual but that was nothing compared to Weezer. The whole night had a very Pinkerton-ish vibe to it as it seemed a majority of the songs were from it, which rules. Across the Sea and Pink Triangle both got huge reactions as did No Other One and Tired of Sex. I loved this show and these guys just get better each and every time. The new pyro and lighting didn't hurt either! To sum it all up, this is the best concert I've ever been to with more raw energy than I thought was possible. Come back again soon guys! ---Chris

Set list

No. Title
1. "Improv"    
2. "Holiday"    
3. "Across the Sea"    
4. "Burndt Jamb"    
5. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
6. "Falling for You"    
7. "Crab"    
8. "My Name Is Jonas"    
9. "Why Bother?"    
10. "Fall Together"    
11. "No One Else"    
12. "Tired of Sex"    
13. "Dope Nose"    
14. "Only in Dreams"    
15. "Pink Triangle"    
16. "Island in the Sun"    


No. Title
17. "Say It Ain't So"    
18. "No Other One"    

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