American Holiday

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American Holiday
American Holiday cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Released 1995
Recorded August 31, 1994
December 5, 1994
Label Tornado

American Holiday is an unofficial CD released by the label "Tornado" in 1995. Tracks 1-9 were recorded at a show in St. Louis, Missouri on August 31, 1994. Tracks 10-17 were recorded at Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 5 of the same year.

This CD is notable for its remarkably low quality packaging and egregious song titles. Nearly every song listed on the CD has the incorrect title, such as "My Name Is Jonas" being labelled as "Bet On You" and "Surf Wax America" being labelled as "What America Needs", among many others. Along with these discrepancies, the bootleg is notorious for being one of the band's first, following "Geezer".


  1. "I Want a Girl" ("No One Else")
  2. "Do You Believe" ("The World Has Turned and Left Me Here")
  3. "Buddy Holly"
  4. "No-One Hears Me" ("In the Garage")
  5. "Say It A'int So" [sic]
  6. "Get'ch You" [sic]
  7. "Holiday"
  8. "Sweater Song"
  9. "What America Needs" ("Surf Wax America")
  10. "Bet On You" ("My Name Is Jonas")
  11. "I Want a Girl" ("No One Else")
  12. "Do You Believe" ("The World Has Turned and Left Me Here")
  13. "Buddy Holly"
  14. "I Love You So" ("Jamie")
  15. "Say It A'int So" [sic]
  16. "Sweater Song"
  17. "What America Needs" ("Surf Wax America")


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