Brilliant Boy

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"Brilliant Boy"
Brilliant Boy cover
Song by The Rentals
Album Return of the Rentals
Released October 24, 1995
Format CD
Recorded Poop Alley Studios
Length 4:15
Label Maverick Records / Reprise Records
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp, Tom Grimley
Status Officially released
Return of the Rentals track listing
"My Summer Girl"
"Brilliant Boy"

"Brilliant Boy" is the seventh track on The Rentals debut album, Return of the Rentals. The song was originally demoed under the title "Stupid Girl."




Lyrics and chords from ca. 2005

Virginia backyards, suburban life
Don't wake the parents on Potomac tonight
Roll on the couch by the T.V.'s light
In the basement, no one else in sight

I fear the day that I am not with you

Unlock the front door, sneak out the house
Down to Montana where A.C. hangs out
Feeling fifteen, feeling no doubt
That your sweet voice let my youth out

You're just a stupid girl, stupid girl
Stupid girl, I ain't no brilliant boy
You're just a stupid girl, stupid girl
I ain't no brilliant boy

Down to train depot, get in line, in file
Goodbye, Virginia, with your lousy style
Goodbye, my gal, same time next year
Goodbye, my gal, I'll always love you dear

Stupid girl, stupid girl
I ain't no brilliant boy

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