Chief Chafe

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"Chief Chafe"
Chief Chafe cover
Album track by Karlophone
Album I Must Find This Karlophone...
Released 2007
Recorded Unknown
Length 5:20
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Karl Koch
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Status Released
I Must Find This Karlophone... track listing
"Chief Chafe"
"Penitentiam Agite"

"Chief Chafe" is the fourth track off the second Karlophone album, I Must Find This Karlophone....


The name "Chief Chafe" was first mentioned by Karl Koch on May 9, 2006 under the news section of his website, where it is listed as a track for the upcoming album.[1] The website notes that the track originally went under the name "You Are Insane."


Samples used

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