I Must Find This Karlophone...

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I Must Find This Karlophone...
I Must Find This Karlophone... cover
Studio album by Karlophone
Released 2007
Recorded Fall 2002 - Fall 2006, Archive Studios in New York
Genre Experimental, Techno
Label Amorphous Records
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Karlophone chronology
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I Must Find This Karlophone...

"I Must Find This Karlophone..." is the second studio album of Karlophone.


I Must Find This Karlophone was arranged and recorded between Karl Koch's responsibilities to Weezer, from 2002 to 2006. It features contributions from long time Weezer collaborator Pat Finn. The album was released on both CD and vinyl, the latter of which was limited to a pressing of 150 copies personally numbered by Koch himself.


  1. "He Drinks Beer"
  2. "Now Comes a Decision"
  3. "Tuefel Hunden"
  4. "Chief Chafe"
  5. "Penitentiam Agite"
  6. "I Didn't Know It Was A Party"
  7. "The Old Alma Mater"
  8. "Rocky Mountain Philosophy"
  9. "The Other End Of The Friend"
  10. "Indian Summer"




  • Patrick Downey - front cover artwork
  • Patrick Finn - cover photo & photoshop
  • Sarah C. Kim - interior photo


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