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Featured song: "Undone - The Sweater Song" Play on spotify.png


"Undone - The Sweater Song" is the fifth track and lead single from Weezer's eponymous debut record (The Blue Album).

Lead singer Rivers Cuomo has commented many times on the song's inception. Said Cuomo, "I took typing, Psych 101, and English 101 that semester. It was in my English class that I heard the analogy of the unraveling sweater. Dr. Eisenstein used the image to demonstrate the effectiveness of focused thesis statement in an essay. 'All I have to do is hold a single thread in your sweater and it will unravel as you walk away.'"

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Featured song: "Burndt Jamb" Play on spotify.png

link=Burndt Jamb

"Burndt Jamb" is the seventh track on Weezer's 2002 album Maladroit.

"Burndt Jamb" initially debuted as an instrumental. It was first performed live on the Hooptie Tour only five days after The Green Album was released. The band first recorded a demo of it seven days after that, at Monster Island Studios in Washington, D.C.. This session was booked in hopes of finding a producer for the band's yet-unnamed fourth album. The song was played the following month for the show The Evening Session for BBC Radio 1. It wasn't until January of 2002 that "Burdnt Jamb" received lyrics, during formal demoing sessions for Maladroit. These lyrics were scrapped and rewritten before the album's final release.

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Special November 6 features in honor of Weezerpedia couple thesweatersong and Burnst Jamp's 1-year anniversary!