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About me
Icon - Globe.png I live in Baltimore, MD.
Icon - Vinyl record.png My favorite album is Songs From The Black Hole.
Icon - Sheet music.png My favorite song is I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams.
Aboutme - Collector.jpg I'm a collector.
Aboutme - antistache.jpg I am ANTI-moustache.
Aboutme - FUNKe PFP.png I got into this band because of FUNKe.
Aboutme - Rock Concert.jpg I`ve been to 1 Weezer concert(s).

aka Burnst Jamp.

Been a fan of Weezer for a stunning 1 year(s)! Joined this place so I could show off my collection on a userpage, stayed for the Discord which Deckra made me join to discuss bootlegs. Washed up Team Fortress 2 YouTuber FUNKe made me aware of Weezer, but listening to Teal and later an actually good album got me into the band fully.

What I do here

All I originally cared about were Bootleg CDs, but that gets pretty boring pretty quickly. I've broadened my horizons, becoming a Karl Koch obsessor, manga enthusiast, Billy Cobb apologist, and Skuraiipeare conspiracist. For the most part though, I just hang out on the Discord server.

To view my countless accomplishments, why don't you check out my contributions?

To-do list

  • Add references to pages that need them
  • Find alternative to YouTube embeds for music videos
  • Fix/remove community portal
  • Revamp style guide
  • Find a better way to incorporate expand buttons
  • Add missing CD scans
  • Add more info about retail CD releases
  • Archive Karlophone vines
  • Finish/revamp Amorphous Records pages
  • Finish/revamp bootleg pages
  • Add missing CDs to collection on userpage
  • Add info on Karlophone album 3
  • Add missing pages for unreleased Southern Fried Swing songs
  • Redo Skraper page, add page for Snow Lust
  • Rewrite Go-On page
  • Find a place for info about Undone CD prototype
  • Make a better album ranking on my userpage

Album ranking

Obligatory but necessary section. From favorite to least favorite, it's:

- Mexican Six Hits
- Pinkerton
- Blue
- Everything Will Be Alright In The End
- White
- Ok Human
- Red
- Maladroit
- Green
- Van Weezer (My prediction was accurate)
- Hurley (Lowest album I still enjoy listening to)
- Pacific Daydream
- Teal
- Death to False Metal
- Make Believe
- Black

I have never once listened to Raditude in full. Not out of spite or because the album is bad, I just haven't gotten around to it


Officially released

    • Got Blue as a Christmas gift from my sister, together with Red and Teal. I had Blue Deluxe and Rock Candy already by this point.
    • Bought this with a set of 6 other singles/promos, one of which was "Perfect Situation (Vocal Up Mix)" which went for $70 on Discogs. I spent about $15.
    • Same order as the last CD. This one came in a standard jewel case (rather than a slimline) and only had a single, very shitty pic on Discogs. The font is also a different color.
    • Promo DGC sampler with "Jamie" on it, along with that dog.'s "Grunge Couple". Purchased in a Japanese Discogs bulk order (However the CD is the US version).
    • Another from the Vocal Up Mix order. UK release, using the picture of young Rivers and Leaves (rather than the earlier version with young Rivers and an unnamed girl).
    • This album blows! Purchased in a Japanese Discogs order.
    • This soundtrack has “You Gave Your Love to Me Softly” on it. Had not seen the movie when I bought it.
    • Not only my first Weezer CD, but my first CD full-stop, and was a gift from my mother. I have a second copy which has been separated from its jewel case for another disc.
    • Part of a batch of 3 CDs I got as birthday gifts from my father in July 2020 which started my CD collection. He overpaid by a lot.
    • UK version with the art slightly zoomed in. Thought it was the slipcase version when I bought it, but I stood corrected.
    • First version of El Scorcho I bought that came in a standard jewel case (rather than slimline). Part of a massive set of orders done after selling my TF2 inventory.
    • The song and art was used in FUNKe-related content which got me into Weezer. Thought it was OZ EP, so I was disappointed at the lack of acoustic B-sides.
    • Got OZ EP with a set of 4 singles on eBay (The other 3 were Green singles). Was glad to finally have a copy with Good Life Acoustic.
    • Pink Triangle is a pretty rare promo, so it cost a pretty penny to get (around $40 on eBay). It's worth it to own Pink Triangle physically, though. Cool design, too.
    • Original Japanese version. Has a promo sticker and says "SAMPLE" on the CD matrix. Came with OBI.
    • Pat's first solo outing, before he started the band of the same name. Only sold (retail) in Japan, which is neat. Purchased off Discogs.
    • Same as the normal TSG CD, but it has a promo sticker and "Sample" written in Japanese on the CD matrix. Sitting in my duplicate Pinkerton case, since it came without one.
    • Purchased in a Discogs order. Don’t care for much for Chopper One, but this release is neat.
    • One of the few decent Rentals albums. Part of a larger discogs order of misc CDs.
    • Contains Weezer’s cover of “Velouria”, which is the first recording they did with Mikey Welsh.
    • I have the version with a tracklisting error on the insert, which is neat. Bought this on Discogs long after I had acquired half a dozen of the album's singles.
    • Very unique Green promo that a Canadian Discogs seller threw in as a part of my order for $10. Wasn’t on Discogs then, but now goes for a bit of $.
    • Standard jewel case version of Hash Pipe with only one track. I forgot how/why I got this.
    • Acquired in the same 4 CD eBay purchase I got OZ EP from. At one point I took the enhanced content on the disc and uploaded it to
    • Same 4 CD eBay purchase. This is the only version of this release to include an explicit language warning on the art.
    • Rare winged =w= cardsleeve version bought in the 4 CD eBay purchase. Comes with 2 exclusive B-Sides (Sugar Booger and Brightening Day).
    • Standard jewel case version with white and blue art, acquired in the same eBay purchase as the Blue singles. White spine clashes with the other Green singles.
    • Bought this on Amazon because theangel was too much of a coward. Rarer release in the Special Goodness catalog.
    • Debut album of Pat Finn's band, Organic Mechanic, as well as the first release on Karl Koch's record label Amorphous Records. Bought from Canada.
    • Incredibly rare/sparse tribute album from electronic artist Nmesh. theangel emailed him and bought a copy, I followed.
    • Ordered the Japanese version of this CD off Amazon, but, to my delight, got this instead. Far less common cover, from what it seems. Corner got demolished in shipping.
    • Meh tribute album, purchased for cheap on Discogs in an order with Flip Sides & Acoustic Cuts. Digipak version -- the superior jewel case version seems to be allusive.
    • Got in a bundle of (I think?) 4 albums off eBay. Got one more time in the bundle with 2001 Studio Demos. Numbered 196668 and 007855 respectively.
    • Canadian promo similar to the Green promo. From the same seller, as well. Not quite as uncommon, though.
    • Rare French slipcase promo with godawful art. Got as a Christmas present from my mother.
    • Basic release bought for cheap.
    • The back art of this CD is nice, but has a very low resolution.
    • An EP I wanted for a while. Good art and a nice live performance. Got alongside 2001 Studio Demos and the other CDs in that bundle.
    • First album from Karlophone (Karl Koch). Bought off his Bandcamp. Signed, including a small drawing of a square dude. He wrote my mother's name instead of mine. Whoops.
    • Neat tribute album. Purchased in a bulk Discogs order because the site didn't have scans besides the cover.
    • First Discogs purchase. I had to decide between this, Zerwee, and the Christmas CD due to my limited funds. I made the right choice, this disc rules. Such a cool release.
    • Only album from Brian Bell's original non-Weezer band, Space Twins. This album is amazing, probably one of the best Weezer member solo albums. Neat art too.
    • Original N.O.S. release. Ordered the city variant off Amazon, got the skyline variant instead. A win in my book.
    • I literally could not care less about Kevin Ridel and don’t have anything interesting to say about this CD.
    • Japanese Epitaph 2004 rerelease. Has a promo sticker and "SAMPLE-LOANED" printed on the CD matrix. Came with OBI. Sitting in extra Maladroit jewel case.
    • Bought alongside 2001 Studio Demos, Lion and the Witch, and the other CDs in that lot. Doesn't have the slipcase. It's naked. How disgusting.
    • I think I got this in the 4 album CD eBay lot with Maladroit, but I can't actually remember.
    • I needed the digipak version.
    • Standard jewel case version.
    • Slimline jewel case version.
    • Previously mentioned promo acquired in singles lot. There is a guy who, as mentioned, had it up for $70 on Discogs, but with no previous sales, it's obviously not worth that.
    • Also from the singles lot. Much cheaper, but also neat. The second of my two white US Geffen promos, of which there are many in existence.
    • Wish this DVD was more visible on my shelf. The slipcase is so slim, but there’s still a side label.
    • UK version that comes in a slimline case. Had to add this version to Discogs before I even owned it.
    • Bought this from Holgato, an old ATW, user on Discogs.
    • Second Karlophone album. Signed, with a drawing of a squiggly, confused feller. Also includes my mother's name, rather than my own.
    • Bought alongside Alone II, Not Alone, and Nimaime on Amazon when I received a gift card which I had no other use for.
    • First CD I personally bought. Purchased at Kilgor Trouts in Myrtle Beach for $4. Holds a very special place in my heart.
    • 🏅 Ultimate holy grail. The greatest CD in my collection. After idolizing it on the WP Discord for months, I bought it from Mercadolibre (Mexican eBay) for $60. "Secret CD".
    • Received alongside Blue and Teal as a Christmas gift from my sister. Still in plastic wrapping, though probably not the factory seal.
    • This would be the best version of red if the fucking side label wasn’t upside down. Sticks out like a sore thumb on my shelf.
    • Case was incredibly cracked when it arrived. Like, to an unbelievable extent.
    • Bought on Amazon with 3 other solo project CDs.
    • One half of Mexican Six Hits. I love this EP dearly; anime on Weezer products is an amazing and obscure blend that should be appreciated. All of the songs suck ass, though.
    • Bought on Amazon with 3 other solo project CDs. Standard black and white version -- no DVD.
    • Purchased alongside Hurley, White, and Green on Discogs for a grand total of $19.26. What a deal! Fuck this album.
    • Came without a jewel case, so I had to sacrifice my copy of Myst (the video game) to get it in one. Second CD is sitting haphazardly in the case.
    • Part of the 4 album lot from eBay. When I noted the album's name, my grandmother thought I said "death metal" and got confused.
    • Bought this version of the album a good bit after I got the red version. This one’s teal.
    • Bought with Raditude and co. on Discogs. This is the deluxe version with a red spine.
    • Also bought at Myrtle Beach, but on eBay, for $25. The sixth CD I owned. Researching this CD helped me discover Discogs, fueling my collecting interest significantly.
    • Incredibly rare Hurley promo that I got from a random online Japanese record seller for a good price.
    • Bought on Discogs, shortly after Pink Triangle. I really like the art on this, Sidney is a great inclusion. My first WP edit was correcting the name of this release.
    • Despite including some of my favorite songs of all time, this took a very long time to buy
    • Neat but common sampler. Juxtaposes a terrible album with a masterpiece. Uses a very low quality version of the Hurley-era Weezer logo.
    • The great debut album from The Relationship, one of the best side bands.
    • Very weird and obscure German rerelease of Blue deluxe, placed in a 2xCD jewel case rather than a digipak. Bought from Japan alongside Candy Rock, Go-On, and others.
    • Bought this off Amazon assuming it was an on demand CDr (aka shitty bootleg), but to my surprise it was just a low-effort disc by DashGo, who managed Hurley.
    • Generally this album is pretty expensive to buy in the US, but I got it alongside the Memories promo for only around $20.
    • Bought with Maladroit, Make Believe, and DTFM. Was the newest CD release in my collection by a margin of 4 years until I got Teal.
    • Sits alongside SMM as one of the few listenable Rentals albums.
    • Listening to this album is what really made me a Weezer fan. So, logically, I bought it 4 months after I started collecting. Got off Discogs in a large order.
    • Not a massive Scott and Rivers fan, but seeing this at an affordable price on Amazon made it too good to pass up. These albums are too expensive.
    • Christmas gift from my sister, gifted alongside Blue and Red. Its scans on Discogs are my own.
    • A gift from my mother's friend. Originally tried to rob Target for a copy, but it wasn't on the shelves yet.


    • My only official bootleg. Got as a Christmas gift. While I wasn't there, Baltimore's my city, so I thought it'd be cool to own the CD.
    • This was way too pricey for what is literally just a shitty homemade CD sold on Amazon, but it recently sold for $50 on Discogs (I spent $40) so I made the right choice. 3rd CD ever.
    • Massive holy grail, but surprisingly one of my first CDs. One of the "original 3" Weezer bootlegs (despite a fourth one, Boys at Play, releasing simultaneously).
    • Sister release to Rock Candy, and one of the first bootlegs to ever release. Got this for $40 off Musicstack. This completed my Rock Candy collection.
    • Bootleg of a bootleg. A random Japanese man took the Rock Candy audio, vertically flipped the Blue Album cover, and sold CDs of it on his blog. I got a copy from
    • One of my first bootleg purchases, bought in a lot on eBay. The front cover wasn't shown on the listing so I had no idea what it would look like.
    • Waited 3 months for this to deliver from Japan (surface shipping was a poor decision). Pretty neat/professional bootleg.
    • Same 3 month wait as Short Back. This one is even more professional and has awesome cover art. Live bootleg rather than a compilation bootleg which is nice.
    • Bought this off eBay for $30 thinking it was real. Later I realized it's a bootleg version mass-produced by some eBay seller. Still looking for the original promo.
    • Christmas present. This is such a stupid and silly bootleg, but it's a must to own for any collector worth their salt.
    • Purchased off a sketchy online record shop called piarecords. Expected it not to come, but it did arrive! Found it while searching for the Loose Dog version.
    • Version with a shitty, low-quality cover. This went unsold for cheap on Discogs for months, so I eventually decided to scoop it up in a larger order.
    • Purchased on eBay quickly after it was listed, to Deckra's dismay. Front cover has Mikey while the back cover has Scott.
    • Somewhat of a holy grail as Loose Dog releases are prolific and don't go for sale often. Got this one in a massive purchase from Japan which included a bunch of bootlegs.
    • Not the original version (which does make me somewhat sad), but very neat nonetheless. This one's a CDr with different disc art.
    • Was very excited to see this for sale on, as we only knew of it through name. One of the many popular Japanese bootlegs that have only recently surfaced.
    • User:Thesweatersong made this for me for my birthday (Burnstday). Unequivocally the best CD I own, probably the nicest gift I've ever received. Only 1 in circulation!


    • Go-On! volumes 1-4
    • Pinkerton Bandmerch Tee
    • Various promotional stickers
    • "Nothing But The Hits" zip-up hoodie
    • Purchased in a big order from Japan since no scans were available online. For the uninitiated, the plot surrounds a signed copy of Blue and has a lot of neat drawings of albums.
    • A gift from my Mother. First band shirt I ever owned.
    • Discogs seller included a bunch of old promo stickers with an order I bought. What do I do with these.
    • Purchased this hoodie at the Hella Mega show in Hershey, PA (my first concert). I stood in the merch line for the entirety of Fall Out Boy's set.

Most wanted


...Mikey is standing in front of a big display of weezer bootlegs. Lots of them.
On sale. In a store. Legally. funny laws they got there in Japan...(the first Tokyo show was on sale there already!!)

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