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About me
Icon - Globe.png I live in Baltimore, MD.
Icon - Vinyl record.png My favorite album is Songs From The Black Hole.
Icon - Sheet music.png My favorite song is I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams.
Aboutme - Collector.jpg I'm a collector.
Aboutme - antistache.jpg I am ANTI-moustache.
Aboutme - FUNKe PFP.png I got into this band because of FUNKe.
Aboutme - Rock Concert.jpg I`ve been to 0 Weezer concerts. (🤞 for Hella Mega this year)

aka Burnst Jamp.

Been a fan of Weezer for a stunning 1 year(s)! Joined this place so I could show off my collection on a userpage, stayed for the Discord which Deckra made me join to discuss bootlegs. Washed up Team Fortress 2 YouTuber FUNKe made me aware of Weezer, but listening to Teal and later an actually good album got me into the band fully.

What I Do Here

All I originally cared about were Bootleg CDs, but that gets pretty boring pretty quickly. I've broadened my horizons, becoming a Karl Koch obsessor, manga enthusiast, Billy Cobb apologist, and Skuraiipeare conspiracist. For the most part though, I just hang out on the Discord server.

To view my countless accomplishments, why don't you check out my contributions?

Album Ranking

Obligatory but necessary section. From favorite to least favorite, it's:

- Mexican Six Hits
- Pinkerton
- White
- Blue (Sorry, more personal connection to the previous three. If B-Sides counted, this would be #2)
- Ok Human
- Red
- Maladroit (Below Red only because I can only remember the name of maybe 2 songs? Listenable but unmemorable)
- Green
- Van Weezer (My prediction was accurate)
- Hurley (Lowest album I still enjoy listening to)
- Death to False Metal
- Pacific Daydream
- Teal
- Make Believe
- Black

I have never once listened to Raditude in full. Not out of spite or because the album is bad, I just haven't gotten around to it


Officially Released

    • Got Blue as a Christmas gift from my sister, together with Red and Teal. I had Blue Deluxe and Rock Candy already by this point.
    • Bought this with a set of 6 other singles/promos, one of which was "Perfect Situation (Vocal Up Mix)" which went for $70 on Discogs. I spent about $15.
    • Same order as the last CD. This one came in a standard jewel case (rather than a slimline) and only had a single, very shitty pic on Discogs. The font is also a different color.
    • Promo DGC sampler with "Jamie" on it, along with that dog.'s "Grunge Couple". Purchased in a Japanese Discogs bulk order (However the CD is the US version).
    • Another from the Vocal Up Mix order. UK release, using the picture of young Rivers and Leaves (rather than the earlier version with young Rivers and an unnamed girl).
    • This album blows! Purchased in a Japanese Discogs order.
    • Not only my first Weezer CD, but my first CD full-stop, and was a gift from my mother. I have a second copy which has been separated from its jewel case for another disc.
    • Part of a batch of 3 CDs I got as birthday gifts from my father in July 2020 which started my CD collection. He overpaid by a lot.
    • UK version with the art slightly zoomed in. Thought it was the slipcase version when I bought it, but I stood corrected.
    • Same as last CD. The song and art was used in FUNKe-related content which got me into Weezer. Thought it was OZ EP, so I was disappointed at the lack of acoustic B-sides.
    • Got OZ EP with a set of 4 singles on eBay (The other 3 were Green singles). Was glad to finally have a copy with Good Life Acoustic.
    • Pink Triangle is a pretty rare promo, so it cost a pretty penny to get (around $40 on eBay). It's worth it to own Pink Triangle physically, though. Cool design, too.
    • Original Japanese version. Has a promo sticker and says "SAMPLE" on the CD matrix. Came with OBI.
    • Pat's first solo outing, before he started the band of the same name. Only sold (retail) in Japan, which is neat. Purchased off Discogs.
    • Same as the normal TSG CD, but it has a promo sticker and "Sample" written in Japanese on the CD matrix. Sitting in my duplicate Pinkerton case, since it came without one.
    • I have the version with a tracklisting error on the insert, which is neat. Bought this on Discogs long after I had acquired half a dozen of the album's singles.
    • Standard jewel case version of Hash Pipe with only one track. I forgot how/why I got this.
    • Acquired in the same 4 CD eBay purchase I got OZ EP from. At one point I took the enhanced content on the disc and uploaded it to
    • Same 4 CD eBay purchase. This is the only version of this release to include an explicit language warning on the art.
    • Rare winged =w= cardsleeve version bought in the 4 CD eBay purchase. Comes with 2 exclusive B-Sides (Sugar Booger and Brightening Day).
    • Standard jewel case version with white and blue art, acquired in the same eBay purchase as the Blue singles. White spine clashes with the other Green singles.
    • Debut album of Pat Finn's band, Organic Mechanic, as well as the first release on Karl Koch's record label Amorphous Records. Bought from Canada.
    • Ordered the Japanese version of this CD off Amazon, but, to my delight, got this instead. Far less common cover, from what it seems. Corner got demolished in shipping.
    • Meh tribute album, purchased for cheap on Discogs in an order with Flip Sides & Acoustic Cuts. Digipak version -- the superior jewel case version seems to be allusive.
    • Got in a bundle of (I think?) 4 albums off eBay. Got one more time in the bundle with 2001 Studio Demos. Numbered 196668 and 007855 respectively.
    • Rare French slipcase promo with godawful art. Got as a Christmas present from my mother.
    • An EP I wanted for a while. Good art and a nice live performance. Got alongside 2001 Studio Demos and the other CDs in that bundle.
    • First album from Karlophone (Karl Koch). Bought off his Bandcamp. Signed, including a small drawing of a square dude. He wrote my mother's name instead of mine. Whoops.
    • Neat tribute album. Purchased in a bulk Discogs order because the site didn't have scans besides the cover.
    • First Discogs purchase. I had to decide between this, Zerwee, and the Christmas CD due to my limited funds. I made the right choice, this disc rules. Such a cool release.
    • Only album from Brian Bell's original non-Weezer band, Space Twins. This album is amazing, probably one of the best Weezer member solo albums. Neat art too.
    • Original N.O.S. release. Ordered the city variant off Amazon, got the skyline variant instead. A win in my book.
    • Japanese Epitaph 2004 rerelease. Has a promo sticker and "SAMPLE-LOANED" printed on the CD matrix. Came with OBI. Sitting in extra Maladroit jewel case.
    • Bought alongside 2001 Studio Demos, Lion and the Witch, and the other CDs in that lot. Doesn't have the slipcase. It's naked. How disgusting.
    • I think I got this in the 4 album CD eBay lot with Maladroit, but I can't actually remember.
    • Previously mentioned promo acquired in singles lot. There is a guy who, as mentioned, had it up for $70 on Discogs, but with no previous sales, it's obviously not worth that.
    • Also from the singles lot. Much cheaper, but also neat. The second of my two white US Geffen promos, of which there are many in existence.
    • Second Karlophone album. Signed, with a drawing of a squiggly, confused feller. Also includes my mother's name, rather than my own.
    • Bought alongside Alone II, Not Alone, and Nimaime on Amazon when I received a gift card which I had no other use for.
    • First CD I personally bought. Purchased at Kilgor Trouts in Myrtle Beach for $4. Holds a very special place in my heart.
    • 🏅 Ultimate holy grail. The greatest CD in my collection. After idolizing it on the WP Discord for months, I bought it from Mercadolibre (Mexican eBay) for $60. "Secret CD".
    • Received alongside Blue and Teal as a Christmas gift from my sister. Still in plastic wrapping, though probably not the factory seal.
    • Bought on Amazon with 3 other solo project CDs.
    • One half of Mexican Six Hits. I love this EP dearly; anime on Weezer products is an amazing and obscure blend that should be appreciated. All of the songs suck ass, though.
    • Bought on Amazon with 3 other solo project CDs. Standard black and white version -- no DVD.
    • Purchased alongside Hurley, White, and Green on Discogs for a grand total of $19.26. What a deal! Fuck this album.
    • Part of the 4 album lot from eBay. When I noted the album's name, my grandmother thought I said "death metal" and got confused.
    • Bought with Raditude and co. on Discogs. This is the deluxe version with a red spine.
    • Also bought at Myrtle Beach, but on eBay, for $25. The sixth CD I owned. Researching this CD helped me discover Discogs, fueling my collecting interest significantly
    • Bought on Discogs, shortly after Pink Triangle. I really like the art on this, Sidney is a great inclusion. My first WP edit was correcting the name of this release.
    • Very weird and obscure German rerelease of Blue deluxe, placed in a 2xCD jewel case rather than a digipak. Bought from Japan alongside Candy Rock, Go-On, and others.
    • Bought this off Amazon assuming it was an on demand CDr (aka shitty bootleg), but to my surprise it was just a low-effort disc by DashGo, who managed Hurley.
    • Bought with Maladroit, Make Believe, and DTFM. Was the newest CD release in my collection by a margin of 4 years until I got Teal.
    • Listening to this album is what really made me a Weezer fan. So, logically, I bought it 4 months after I started collecting. Got off Discogs in a large order.
    • Not a massive Scott and Rivers fan, but seeing this at an affordable price on Amazon made it too good to pass up. These albums are too expensive.
    • Christmas gift from my sister, gifted alongside Blue and Red. Its scans on Discogs are my own.
    • A gift from my mother's friend. Originally tried to rob Target for a copy, but it wasn't on the shelves yet.


Most Wanted



...Mikey is standing in front of a big display of weezer bootlegs. Lots of them.
On sale. In a store. Legally. funny laws they got there in Japan...(the first Tokyo show was on sale there already!!)
shamelessly taken from User:Deckra

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