Historic event: 08/16/1992

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first tour! weezer show #17: Outdoor party, Guerneville, CA

Jason's previous band, The Brotherhood Groove Grand Junction, was playing an outdoor party up in Gureneville, CA on the 16th and had invited Jason to bring his "new band" up to play. Weezer decided to try and fit some other shows in to make the trek north more worth it. They scored a gig at Marsuggi's, a smallish bar/live entertainment place in San Jose. They also had a gig lined up in Eureka CA, on the 15th, and then the party show on the 16th. The 14th was left up to chance.

Karl drove the band and the gear in his Bronco II with a U-Haul trailer. The only thing was there were no enclosed trailers available, so the band was forced to rent what became known as the hooptie ride, an open trailer on which they stretched a blue tarp over the gear. This made it impossible to leave the truck anywhere without bringing the gear along.

This was the last gig of the mini-tour, the gig that was originally offered to weezer via Jasons old bandmate in The Brotherhood Groove Grand Junction, who were the headliners. This was a huge outdoor hippie love conga drums volleyball barbeque redwood trees hemp festival party, thrown by whoever owned the extensive property nestled amongst the giant redwoods of crunchy Guerneville. Pat Finn drove up to attend, as did various other friends of the band who happened to be in California visiting. All in all it was fun and weird, like all memorable events.


1. undone
2. lets sew our pants together
3. my name is jonas
4. say it aint so
5. the world has turned [1 false start]
6. only in dreams [it got dark here]
7. paperface
8. Answer Man [one of its last performances]

the show was videotaped by Karl, who also captured some afternoon random outdoor party action.

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