Karl's Corner - 03/09/2001

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Outloud Tour Day 18: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL

...The Aragon dates back to the days of Vaudville, and is quite probably the prettiest old ballroom left in the country. While designed for couples to dance to Benny Goodman's big band, it seems to work quite well as a rock emporium, with the people dancing a bit differently than in the old days...

...the sheer size of the place is rather breathtaking, and when we got 4500 weezer fans in there, the energy was dynamite! A killer night for all 3 bands, in my opinion. Mikey got swept up in the euphoria and sacrificed a nice fan's Elvis cardboard stand-up to the crowd! Well, I suppose Elvis lives on in our hearts...

...weezer.net founders and O.G. webmasters Anuj and Dan were on hand as well, and afterwards we convened at a local establishment for food, frolic and far too little talk of what we need to work on at RWA! ...(but thats what e-mail is for...)

...Tonight's video clip: Either go to the "wfo" page or just click here to check it out!