Karl's Corner - 03/27/2001

From Weezerpedia

...Well, after a final flurry of work on the album, both on the song choices/sequence, and cover artwork, I can safely say "It's done"! I havent seen nor heard the final product yet, and it seems Rivers has taken a short vacation to celebrate having wrapped it up in the nick of time. Now (and only now).....can we breathe a sigh of relief.

...I'm hoping to get some detailed tour dates up shortly. As for right now, I can confirm that weezer is doing *SOME* of the Warped tour later this summer, and it isn't the very beginning or ending parts. But I haven't heard about a definite block of dates yet. And I *think* a separate US headlining tour is scheduled to kick off right about the time of the May 15th release date. Also, It is true that weezer will be visiting England and Europe in the summertime. The July 3-4 London dates and a Swedish Festival have been announced, and I expect a final tour schedule to be revealed to me soon with the full run of shows. I hear we are hitting a wide variety of countries including several we've never been to before! As for the Japan dates, the tour got moved a little bit, and now kicks off on April 15th. I believe that all the shows are still happening, just on new dates...

...The April Alternative Press with weezer on the cover has started to hit newsstands as you read this. Check it out!

...Also just wrapped up at the last minute was the CD Single artwork for the "Hash Pipe" promo single. Assuming it gets released as a "for sale" Import CD single as well, it would very likely use the same art. I will try and post all this new stuff for everyone to see as soon as possible...

...more "fans' tour tales" are up here, and here.