Karl's Corner - 03/23/2001

From Weezerpedia

...okay, I just got the info for anyone who had ticket/prize problems from the Outloud tour. You simply need to send an email to this adress: outloud@middle-management.com . In the email please include the following 3 things:

  1. Name & address
  2. Number of tickets purchased
  3. The details of what your issue/problem is (for example: "I never recieved my special prize for ordering ticket(s) before January 1")

Your problem will be reviewed and addressed (fixed) as fast as possible.

Also, If you are one of the several people who had a "meet and greet" issue, you are invited to call Middle Management's Mr. Rich Garza at 212-581-0797. He will be able to address those particular issues over the phone. (However, he wont be able to help with the ticket problems, so please keep those to your emails...)

...thanks to a bunch of Philly area fans, we have learned that weezer won a 64 band fan voted "battle" over on Y-100. click here to see the NCAA Basketball-like chart of how it all went down. Pretty cool!

...also, I had a chance to do some digging through my pile of tour stuff, and came up with some interesting stuff to share...

...custom limited local posters from the Philly and Houston shows...

...a fan made scarf (kept me warm in NYC!), and...well...I think some of you might know more about these things than I!...