Karl's Corner - 03/21/2001

From Weezerpedia

...I've been digging through the overload of leftover tour email these last few days, and I found some pretty interesting fan accounts of their own experiences with the tour. Below you'll see the well written tale of Shannon, take a minute to read it and you'll be glad you did.

...I have learned that Yahoo! intends to make good on its pledge to make sure everyone who was due a special ticket and prize gets them. I will shortly be posting a special email address where, if you bought your ticket(s) online before Jan. 1 and DID NOT get the exclusive stuff that was coming to you (didnt come in the mail, didnt get it at the concert), you can explain your case to them and they will send you what you are owed. They have detailed records of who purchased what tickets and when, so they will be able to confirm people who are owed the goodies.

...I have also learned that Yahoo! is helping to fix some other mix ups as well, such as refunding some fans' auction money for a band meet and greet session that was canceled. Thanks to Yahoo for doing their best to make some wrong thing right!

...I am getting tons and tons of letters about upcoming shows. I DO NOT yet have the details, but they will be posted here and on the RWA news page the second everything is confirmed. Sorry to anyone who isn't sure if they should buy a ticket to a show that claims to feature weezer, that hasnt been posted here yet.

...also, everyone is asking about which songs from the recording sessions will be on the new album, and which will be b-sides or "goners". The sequence (album running order) is almost decided on but not quite yet, so again, you'll have to wait a little longer for this info. The same goes for the album cover. When things are finalized, there will be a lot more info here and all over the RWA.

...other issues that will be addressed pretty soon: the multimedia department (as in, when it will be back up in full), and the fanclub. In almost every aspect of weezer, from the album to the touring to the website, there is behind the scenes work going on in preparation for what looks like a pretty wild ride for 2001. Thanks for your patience while the details are sorted out....