Karl's Corner - 04/06/2005

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04/06/05 I'm just a no class beat down fool

...announcing the first ever official Weezer Street Team, 'J.O.N.A.S.'! J.O.N.A.S. is currently open to accept members. If you are a Weezer fan and are interested in promoting the new album “Make Believe” both offline and online, go to weezerjonas.com and fill out the application to be considered for the offline team and receive promo materials in the mail in support of the release. J.O.N.A.S. (standing for "Jonas's Online (Weezer) Networked Action Squad" - or whatever clever acronym floats your boat!) is looking for 1000 'offline' members first - people willing to hit the streets in the 'real world' and do stuff like distribute stickers and the like. After the initial 1000 'offline' teamers are selected then the membership will be open just for 'online' members, whose activities will involve the web only. There is an excellent group of people in place running the Team, and I (karl) will be involved, supplying exclusive content, tools and such for the Team to use. So if you want to help and be an essential part of the weezer community, sign up now!

...Thanks to your requests and demand, "Beverly Hills" is making quite an impact! After debuting at #13 in its first week on The Billboard Modern Rock Chart (one of the highest debuts for any weezer single), it rocketed from #85 to #3 on the modernrock.com chart, is #3 on MTV2's "Rock Countdown", and looks poised to break into the VH1 top 20 countdown, having been made a "Flava" clip recently and officially added to VH1's rotation yesterday! Meanwhile on MTV's TRL, the video has been glimpsed, and fans are voting... Not to mention the song has been the #1 download on iTunes for nearly a week!

...Meanwhile, viewers of Canada's MuchMusic can vote for the Beverly Hills video here to try and get it on the "Powershift" countdown. Poweshift airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET.

...today the band is having a photo shoot at a top secret location for what looks to be a cover story for a major music mag. (Meanwhile their cover story for Alternative Press has hit some newsstands already, a few days earlier than its Thursday 4/7 street date. Check it out...

...The tracklist for "Make Believe" has been finalized, and clocks in at a little over 47 minutes long. But no, you can't have the list yet, sorry!

...Though the station has been forced to broadcast online only and is fighting for a return to the regular airwaves, Y-100 still hosted it annual Modern Rock Tournament this year. Yesterday, Weezer *won*, the only band to take the top honors 3 times - in 2001, 2003, and now 2005! Somehow their traditional rivals Green Day didnt make it to the final round, and weezer went up against Nirvana to take the crown... Thanks for your votes! (Remember, The Philadelphia Electric Factory show goes on sale THIS FRIDAY at 10:00 AM!) Meanwhile on Boston's WBCN March Mania Tournament, Weezer got to the final 4 before being picked off! ('Awww..' goes the crowd...)

...speaking of shows, there WILL be opening acts for all tourdates. The openers will be announced soon, as the process of confirming them is still going on. And also, once again, there WILL be more tourdates beyond what is listed on the tour page!

...fan tribute action: The tribute band Say Itt Ain't Weezer will be playing at Liquid Joe's in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 19th at 10:00 PM. $3 at the door or contact the band for free tickets!