Karl's Corner - 04/08/2005

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04/08/05 I might as well enjoy my life

***DUBLIN IRELAND fans*** The details of the Weezer show on June 7th have been announced. The show is taking place at the Vicar Street venue, and tickets go on sale next Wednesday, April 13th!

...Philadelphia area fans! The 5/10 show at the Electric Factory goes on sale TODAY at 10AM EST! This show will sell out very quickly, so dont sleep! Tickets here.

***update/explanation for Philadelphia area fans, those frustrated at not getting tickets: This show did NOT have a "50 ticket limit", nor has ANY weezer show on this tour. The show officially sold out in 15minutes, not 10 seconds as it appeared online. Heres the basic facts as to how this works. This show had a 6 ticket limit. most shows have had a 4 or 6 ticket limit, and thats the way it will remian for weezer shows. (though Toronto and Atlanta somehow had 8 or 10 through mistake or oversight.) "Why does it say 50 on the amount thing then? And why couldnt i get tickets despite logging on exactly at 10AM?" you ask? Read on..

Ticketmaster has HUGE servers, they can literally process hundreds of simultaneous requests per second. Unlike a standard physical line, which takes time to dole out the tickets till there are none left, the online ticketing can instantaneously account for thousands of requests, even though it then takes several more minutes per request to actually process the orders. So to the user who logged in and didnt get tickets, it looks like the show immediately sold out. (which by practical standards it did). Those that happened to be fortunate enough to get through and claim tickets to buy did so by 'locking out' those who logged in a split second later.

Now, Ticketmaster's server automatically resets the 'choose-able' (drop down menu, etc) settings on all ticket sale webpages to 'default' as soon as there are no more tickets available. 'DEFAULT' ON TICKETMASTER IS 50. It does NOT mean you or anyone can or could order 50 tickets, it means there are no more. As all 2,500 (approx) tickets for The Electric Factory show were immediately accounted for (though it took 15 minutes to process the orders), the webpage almost immediately 'defaulted' to SOLD OUT status - showing a "limit" of 50 tickets. I hope this clears up some of what is clearly a stressful situation. To those who couldnt get tickets and refuse to pay the (clearly outrageous but unfortunately NOT illegal) 'eBay scalpers' prices, rest assured that more weezer shows (and bigger ones) are coming.**********************************

..."Beverly Hills" is up to #6 from last week's debut at #13 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart. And now its also on Billboard's "Hot 100" singles chart at #25, which is the highest ANY weezer song has ever gotten on the Hot 100! In the old days you had to have a physically released single to hit the Hot 100 chart, so the last time weezer had a US retail single that made it was with Undone. 'Buddy Holly' would have done well on thiat chart if it had been released on US 45 and cd single, for example, but it wasnt. The Bilboard rules changed in the last few years with the whole digital revolution, and 'Beverly Hills', with its crazy success so far at iTunes and on the radio, has made the chart in a big way. Meanwhile, those with FUSE on their cable TVs saw "Beverly Hills" hit #1 on the 'Daily Download' countdown show...

...please pardon the appearance of the Weezer MySpace page. It was until very recently run by a fan who was just having fun, so there are some wacky sonngg titles listed and some rather odd old news posts. We are now in the process of tidying it up. But the ticket contest is definitely happening! Sign in for your chance to win!

...As for the recent scuttlebutt about 'Make Believe', the album will indeed be released in the Digipak format (though an (also attractive) jewel case edition will be sold in certain stores that require it), and will feature a thick and colorful lyric booklet with cool artwork, and the disc will have an 'enhanced' section that plays on the computer, showing a special video piece edited especially for the disc. Plus the disc will serve as a 'key' to unlock future exclusive clips online. The album contains 12 tracks and weighs in at 47 minutes long, and will be released on both CD and good ol' vinyl! And Here's a new Mtv.com article about the album, written by someone who was played several tracks from it recently.

...Meanwhile the band has been doing its interviews for its next cover story (its a biggie), and is getting ready to rehearse for the first leg of the Make Believe 2005 Tour.