Karl's Corner - 04/15/2005

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04/15/05 I want to help you

...tour update! Weezer will be playing the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago! This years Lollapalooza is a one city event, taking place on July 23-24 at Chicago's Grant Park. We dont yet have word on which day weezer is playing yet. Details will be revealed sometime in the coming week or 2, both here and on lollapalooza.com.

...On May 9th, the day before 'Make Believe' is released (well, the day of release for Australia/Japan/Europe), There will be a very special radio event, check it out!

WEEZER: Live From Philadelphia - One Time & One Night Only

This 60-minute, non-exclusive national radio event is being fed via satellite on the Weezer Radio Network.

Don't miss this exclusive radio event as Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Scott Shriner and Patrick Wilson will be on hand for their *only* radio interview discussing the new release, Make Believe, while fielding phone calls from a national audience.

Hosted by Jim McGuinn (of the recently embattled Y-100 Philadelphia), this live radio special will air Monday, May 9 at 8pm EST with a replay for West Coast stations at 8pm Pacific.

NOTE that at this point, stations and satellite networks are in the process of signing up to broadcast the show - so we dont currently have a list of what stations are going to be hosting it (this seems to be the sort of thing that a Westwood One show would do - but again, we got no info at this point.) If we learn of any confirmed stations or satellite networks, or webcasts that will be carrying the program, they will be listed here on weezer.com.