Karl's Corner - 04/21/2005

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04/21/05 One more time I have crossed the line

view larger - 04/21/05 One more time I have crossed the line

...The new issue of Rolling Stone magazine with the Weezer cover story is on the newsstands now! (#973, 5/5/05 cover date.) This is Weezer's FIRST time ever "on the cover of th' Rollin' Stone!"

...checked out rehearsals today, and the band were very hard at work, refreshing themselves on some old songs and sorting out how to present numerous new ones from "Make Believe". To put it plainly, they were killing it. It sounded awesome! There are some cool things going on. We have re-recruited several key '02 crew members, including Stuart (tour manager), Aron (drums + bass tech), Craig (house sound), Dan (the lighting man), and Bobby (guitar tech), who we thought we had lost out on! Bobby will be wearing several hats in the upcoming tour, as the band have asked him to come up and help out here and there with some additional guitar playing for some of the new songs that are more complicated. Also spied on the rehearsal stage is a sweet looking analogue keyboard stationed in Brian's area. The cases are being packed, the songs are getting jammed, the details are being pored over...hot damn, weezer's going on tour!