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Karl's Corner - 10/02/2005

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10/02/05 can't you hear the coyotes yodeling

View larger - 10/02/05 can

...MB '05 Tour: Day 105: Foozer/Wee Fighters 10: St. Paul, MN - XCel Energy Center
Another day, another enormodome...not! While it's true that most tours settle into a groove and the venues kinda run together after a while, thees always stuff that varies from show to show that makes them unique. And to the people in the audience, each show is its own dose o' magic, and it's up to the bands and the crew to deliver all theyve got every night to try and drive the crowd over the edge. If all that sounds a bit sappy, well, it is - but nonetheless, its true. There should be no compromises for a great show, cuz every crowd deserves everything that can be delivered to them.

Tonight's crowd was special in that it was the highest attendance so far on the Foozer tour, at well over 12,000, and they were going crazy! Minneapolis had a taste of the Weez back in the spring when we came to downtown's 1st Avenue club. Clearly there were many more fans who wanted to see the show than could fit in that club because today, months later, it looks like they were all in the Xcel Center, going crazy.

This place was going berzerk at times. The trend towards more moshing and crowdsurfing that cropped up in Denver really heated up today. Some songs even had moments of the rarely seen (at least at weezer shows in the 21st century) 'waves crashing onshore' effect of multiple surfers coming over the top at once. Perhaps they were wilder than usual due to the band getting a slight late start tonight. Once weezer made the stage it was all good though, with some new suprises and old faves making their re-appearence, like "Dope Nose", and a certain 90's Brit-pop/alt-rock cover that has never ever happened on stage at a weezer show before. And Later Pat teased the crowd with a bit of instrumental acoustic "Dust In The Wind", and the crowd wasn't messing around, spontaneously singing along with the words en masse! A beautiful arena-rock/VH1 Classic moment.

Thanks to tonight's Undone player, Jake, who it appears was mis-directed onto the stage as he came off a crowdsurf, while the guy Brian actually picked was still coming up on the opposite side of the stage. Oops! But Jake was a sport and did his best despite a major case of nerves and no real claim of knowing the song! Sorry, other dude. But it was fun anyway, if a little goofy at times!

Today Scott and Pat did an interview with 2 radio stations at once, KXXR and Radio Disney. The interview will appear both on KXXR and on a Radio Disney show called "60 Seconds With....", which will be playing several times a day over the coming week on all the Radio Disney stations nationwide plus on 'Music Choice' on Directv. Later it will be available as a PodCast on iTunes.

Shout out to Jordan P. who was at his first show today, and to all on this tour whose its their first weezer show and/or their first concert period! From the correspondance we've been seeing, there's quite a lot of you on this tour, and we hope that what you got on the Foozer Tour was all you were hoping for. Plus a shout out to Corey H. - out there somewhere.

fan reaction! (more in the comment section, and add your own)
"...i just wanted to say, what an awesome concert yesterday, I was blown away. The perfect 1st concert experience. I had my hopes up of getting a pick, autograph, even just shaking hands with one of them, but there were hundreds of people and only 4 of them, so I should have figured my odds long before the concert, besides, I'm a hardcore fan, but I'm sure there were more hardcore people than me there (i kept my hands in the =w= position the whole time though, when i wasn't taking pictures.).

It was totally worth jumping the rail (I had bad seats, i hope you won't report me :P ) on to the floor, and getting -destroyed- on my way up to the front, but I got all the way up there. The school nurse thinks my nose is broken too; a crowd surfer hit me in the head and my faccce plowed into someone's elbow that he was reaching back, so I was double teamed...heh, still worth it..." ---Clark B.

Tonight's show was reviewed here on The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune.

Large size picture link: here, more: 1.

The current tour merchandise(updated 9/8/05).

*NOTE* - if you see either of the 2 shirts for sale outside any venue on the Foozer Tour, know that they are ILLEGAL BOOTLEG shirts, and should not be bought for any price! These shirts are being sold illegaly and they do not benefit anyone but the scum who sell them. The ink on these shirts is very substandard and will wash out fast, and the shirts are usually printed on defective 'seconds'. Bootlegs - do not buy!

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