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Karl's Corner - 11/04/2001

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11/04/01 time to catch wreck

update see =rwa= news for reverb hbo show info and a new date just confirmed in baltimore on 12/9!

...today the guys were back in the studio, and it was decided that they would re-do most of the rest of the songs, as the recordings from yesterday were just better sounding that the ones that were already "done", excepting "My Weakness", which was either determined to be ok as it was, or they just ran out of time, I'm not exactly sure. The chart below is updated from 11/3 and reflects the changes.

Steakhouse/Cello Sessions Oct-Nov 2001
title old title recording status cor
1. My Weakness on track to completion 338
2. Change The World redone on 11/4 316
3. The Dawn redone on 11/3 302
4. Aint Got Much Time Get Me On the Line redone on 11/3 319
5. We Go Together redone on 11/3 289
6. Fall Together redone on 11/3 320
7. Diamond Rings Anything But Love redone on 11/4 291
8. Your Room redone on 11/4 304
9. Living Without You redone on 11/3 310
10. So Low Take Back The Love redone on 11/4 295
11. Faith In The Light Everybody Depends On a Freind redone on 11/4 294
12. Do You Want Me To Stay? redone on 11/4 293
13. Cygnus X-1 Smiths Jamb unlikely to be finished during this session 346
14. Place the Blame Space Rock unlikely to be finished during this session 344
15. As The Day Goes By Flat Tire unlikely to be finished during this session 352
16. I Wanna Be With You Spend Some Time unlikely to be finished during this session 340
17. C'mon Lets Go It's Only Rock n' Roll unlikely to be finished during this session 325
18. Slave unlikely to be finished during this session 354


...heres an interesting fact: in Uruguay (South America), the B-side "Starlight" has reached number three in the X FM Ranking (X FM is the most popular rock radio in Uruguay!) "Starlight" has been in the ranking for three months in a row!