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Karl's Corner - 11/22/2001

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11/22/01 Happy Thanksgiving!

...well, there was a problem with our server for a bit, so this report is a bit late. But! Now there are 2 new mp3s over on the a-v page, so check it out!

Also, 2 more summer 2000 songs (one all new, one upgrade) have been sent to summersongs2k.com , and I see that 'robot 700' has updated...

...on this day we're all giving thanks that despite all the crazy things that have been going on both in the world and to this band, we're still able to get out and share the rock with the peeps. Everyone hopes that this trend continues and all the postponed and overdue touring takes place soon, and that all the band's plans to get more music out to the world happen, and happen on schedule! Happy Thanksgiving to all.