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Karl's Corner - 11/17/2001

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11/17/01 "the road is a be eye itch my freinds, but its the only road i know..." -the D


...some fans' "p.o.v.'s"...

"I went to the Boise show last night and it was the best show I have ever
seen. There were tons of people there and it was rowdy. I've never seen so
much crowd surfing, it was crazy. Jimmy Eat World starting it off was
amazing, but their set was way too short. Tenacious D shouldn't have been
on for so long. That's time that JEW could have spent rockin the house.
Other than that the show was great. Weezer was the best I had ever seen
them, only wish they would have played el scorcho. I saw them in Salt Lake
about a month or two ago and they were rad, but last night they were even
better than that. I'm sad that it's all over because not often do two of
the greatest bands roll around on the same tour. Keep it up Weezer." --Nate

"it's 12:57 pm oregon time, and i just got back from seeing you guys live at the bank of america centre last night in boise. just so you know, you guys rawked the f----g house!! it was kinda crazy to see you play...cause i've never really watched tv or anything, it was like...dude...you mean there's *people* behind this music? that show was, for me, the culmination of years of hardcore fanhood, and it was every bit as absolutely awesome as it could possibly be. all in all, here's a commendation on the great show, and a great big thank you for being the best f----g band in the entire world, ever. seriously. later taters" --justa

"Although Tired of Sex was the only song off of Pinkerton Weezer played at the
Key Arena the other night I have to say they put on an amazing show. It was
an emotional rollercoaster for me the whole night, hearing songs that
reminded me of many many good times starting with Jimmy Eat World, with a
break at Tenacious D since I haven't heard too much of their stuff, but it
was entertaining. Then when Weezer came on with their first song I was the
happiest I've ever been, I think. The first song was amazing, and the guitar
put me in a trance, I can't wait for the new album, and I hope The Dawn makes
it on there. It's a great song, and Fall Together was very edgy, but felt
right. I can't wait til the guys play Seattle again!!" --LDB

"I was at the Weez concert in Boise and I gotta say, it was definitely one of
the best concerts I've ever seen! My little story is that, while all my
friends got floor tickets, I was stuck waaaay up in the nosebleed seats, and
I had to watch Jimmy Eat World up there (who kicked ass regardless), but
once they were done my friends found me and we found a fairly creative way
of getting me down onto the floor. I got down there just in time to see THE
D! Although they had tech problems in the beginning (Jack: Hey, how about
I let K.G. play and I'll just, f----n, rock the mike), it was quickly fixed
and they rocked the stage. Then they were out and in came WEEEZER! I've
never instinctively knew the words to every song before, but man! I was
amazed at how many I remembered! And everyone on stage was just so cool and
calm. It was awesome. By the end of the show my ears were ringing and my
throat hurt, and my eyes were aching from the sensory overload, but IT WAS
WORTH IT!" --Josh

"Hey, I am just e-mailing to say how amazing the Boise show was. My friend
and I drove up from Utah to catch all three of our favorite bands in one
spectacular night. We had so much fun! Thanks to Pat, Brain, and Scott for
being so rad, and giving us their autographs. We so appreciated them being so
cool about it. Also, two thumbs up for Tenacious D, and Jimmy Eat World for
awesome performances. It was seriously one of the best nights of my life! Oh,
and thanks to Weezer for playing Only in Dreams, its my favorite, and it was
rad!!" --Heather

"Last night I went to the concert here in Boise. It was amazing. I've never been to a concert before so it was definitely a great "first concert"! I was so excited to go because Jimmy eat world and Weezer are my favorite bands! I had never heard of Tenacious D. before so I didn't really know what to expect of them, but I wasn't very impressed. I didn't like their vulgarity, but it was okay becuase when Weezer came on they totally made up for Tenacious D.'s horrible lyrics. I was impressed with the backdrops and the stage lighting and I loved when the confetti was dropped. It was a great show! Rivers was hilarious and each band member was so entertaining to watch. Thank you so much for such an awesome show! I'll definitely be at the next one that comes my way!! Thanks again!" --kamille