Karl's Corner - 12/10/2000

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Today the band moved in and set up in a large rehearsal studio in Hollywood, a welcome break from the (much loved, but) cramped garage studio at Rivers's house. At 8 P.M., Ric Ocasek drove up in a rental car (whose amazing on-board navigation computer guided him in perfectly!), and the moment everyone had been waiting for for months had arrived. Ric was here! Hanging out! Listening to the songs! Taking notes! Making comments! Suffice it to say the band was pretty stoked to finally reach this stage...Kind of like playing "Tomb Raider" and FINALLY getting to the last level, after months of false leads, getting lost in mazes, etc... But of course the last level is the most difficult, and the most fun too. By the end of the week the album songs will be chosen. There are still 25+ songs in the running, but they will dramatically drop down starting tomorrow, when the intensive rehearsals and song try-outs continue. At this point there is definitely some consensus regarding 8-10 of the songs, but a LOT of varying opinions regarding the others...these are exciting days!

...also, I've gotten some concerned letters today regarding the situation with weezer.com, the name of which weezer reclaimed their rights to recently. Several people seem to think that Weezer is forcing that website to come down, and are angry. I must say that they are mistaken as to what is going on. Weezer reclaimed its right to the "URL", (the web address name "weezer.com"), which was owned by a different company who had bought the domain name some time ago. Now, the website hosted at that address was, as far as I can tell, run by a fan who simply enjoyed running a weezer site (the fan was, as far as i understand, not part of the company that owned the name, but was being allowed to run his/her site at that URL). Weezer has absolutely no problem with that! Fan sites are awesome! The website seen at weezer.com (and its message board) is perfectly welcome to re-locate to any other (legal) URL it wishes to. (I believe it is temporarily being housed at another ".com" address for now...) Please understand that if the site actually goes "down" (that is, goes offline instead of re-locating) that THAT IS THEIR DECISION, not weezer's! Personally I hope they find a new home and keep going, like any cool fan site.

...if you are looking for info on the upcoming Goat Punishment shows, scroll down to the 12/6 entry...