Karl's Corner - 12/22/2000

From Weezerpedia

...the first Outloud tour weezer videoclips are finally up at outloud.yahoo.com (see the link above). Yes, these clips are in the same vein as the type of stuff I put up on the "WFO" page, but there is a bit more 'theme' going on....well, a little bit, anyway. The first two feature the guys in their Santa Suits, being, uh.. rather silly. (how unusual...) Anyway, Yahoo should be popping up more of these type clips on that page as we get closer to the Feb/Mar tour. "Yes, Smithers.....soon there will be zillions of weezer video clips, on two websites!"

...apologies for the lack of updates for the last few days. You folks have sent in a ton of neat radio reports and such, I will have them up, plus all kinds of news and pics, etc., soon! In a few days it will be Xmas, and I'm trying to get my shopping done! (Its hard to pick out something for grandma with so little shop time to work with...)