Karl's Corner - 12/16/2000

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...the KROQ show #1 was a real rock extravaganza. As usual, weezer didnt seem to quite fit in with the Fuel's and Incubus's (who had a full string section?!), but they did manage to (also as usual) rock the house down with the best of them. I was stoked to check out Moby, and Coldplay (whose show was their very first in the states) did a nice job too. All the bands did pretty good actually, except for Three Doors Down, who unwisely walked off after 2 songs due to monitor trouble. Tonight is night 2, with the likes of Everclear and Green Day...

Karlscorner-20001216-b.jpg Karlscorner-20001216-c.jpg


...The set included Jonas, Garage, Xmas Celebration, Say it aint So, Undone, Buddy Holly, and Surf Wax, and the band was forced to skip over "The Christmas Song" due to a small delay from an amplifier malfunction. Tonight, all should be running smoothly...