Seafaring Jamb

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"Seafaring Jamb"
Demo by Weezer
Released Via
Format MP3
Recorded January 9, 2002
January 10, 2002
January 12, 2002
Length January 9 - 2:09
January 10 - 2:21
January 12 - 2:22
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 672
COR# 338
Status Demo circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"I'm Scared"
(RC# 671)
"My Weakness"
(RC# 672)
"The Flowers In Your Hair"
(RC# 673)

"Seafaring Jamb" (previously known as "My Weakness") is an unreleased Weezer song.


"Seafaring Jamb" is first known to have been demoed (under the title "My Weakness") at Steakhouse Studios and Cello Studios in Hollywood as part of a collection of songs jokingly referred to by the band as the "Black Album". The song was performed live as Goat Punishment at The Knitting Factory for the HBO show Reverb on October 24, 2001, but did not air. The song was performed live three more times at The Viper Room in West Hollywood from November 6 through November 8. A soundboard recording of the song from the November 8th show was released to fans on The song was attempted three times during the sessions for Maladroit in January of 2002, though it did not ultimately appear on the album.

Live performances


Maladroit demos


Everybody don’t make me laugh
‘Cause it’s not so insane
In the morning it comes to pass
And there’s no one to blame

I’ll tell you my weakness

And if you knew the things I’ve seen
Then you’d have to believe
In the spirits above the sand
And the man in the tree

I’ll tell you my weakness

And if you like it there
I’ll be most everywhere
Tell me to stay
Need me to stay

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