Sheila Can Do (It)

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"Sheila Can Do [It]"
Sheila Can Do [It] cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Van Weezer
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 218
Producer Suzy Shinn
Status to be released (Weezer version)
live bootleg circulating (Homie version)
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 217)
"Sheila Can Do [It]"
(RC# 218)
"Sunshine O"
(RC# 219)

"Sheila Can Do [It]" (written multiple ways, including "Sheila Can Do It" and "Sheila Can Do (It)") is a song written by Rivers Cuomo in early 1996. An earlier draft of the lyrics, possibly just titled "Rachel", is featured in The Pinkerton Diaries. The song is to finally be released on Weezer's album Van Weezer.


"Sheila Can Do [It]" was written early in 1996 during Cuomo's time spent at Harvard University. The Catalog O' Riffs dates the song at February 8, while Cuomo's handwritten lyrics for the song (under the title "Rachel") are dated February 22. The song, along with "Sunshine O", was notably written around the same time as Pinkerton tracks "Across the Sea", "The Good Life", "Falling For You", and "Butterfly". In a 2020 entry on the Riverpedia section of Cuomo's personal website, Cuomo confirmed that the song was partially inspired by Rachel Haden. The song never appeared on an album, but was performed at Homie shows in 1997, and rehearsed for the intended (albeit scrapped) Homie album.

During a Homie performance of the song at The Middle East in Cambridge, a woman exclaimed “That’s me!” upon Cuomo’s announcement of the song title. During a performance at TT & The Bear’s a few weeks later, Cuomo asked if the same Sheila was there (she wasn’t) [1].

The song was allegedly [2] considered by Cuomo for inclusion on Weezer's planned ninth album (that eventually became Everything Will Be Alright in the End), but the idea was quickly scrapped. In the aforementioned 2020 Riverpedia entry, Cuomo confirmed that the song "Eventually came out on Van Weezer."

Live performances



Handwritten lyrics, as they appear in The Pinkerton Diaries.

If Sheila can do it
I can do it
I don’t see the problem with that
She is my other
A sister to a brother
And look at the thing that she’s done
She looks like she’s havin’ fun
And I don’t see the problem with that

Well she’s shaving her legs and she’s feelin’ all right
She’s puttin’ on jeans of the type that are tight
She’s gettin’ herself ready to take on the night
So come on, come on

Man, if you’d seen this girl about two years ago
Seen her then and seen her now
I swear you’d never know
That who you was seein’ was the same pistachio
Oh come on, come on

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