Stop. Pause. Record!: A Tribute to Ozma

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Stop. Pause. Record!: A Tribute to Ozma
Stop. Pause. Record!: A Tribute to Ozma cover
Album art by Dylan Green
Tribute album by OZMACORD
Released March 5, 2022
Format CD, digital
Recorded 2021-2022
Genre Geek rock, power pop
Label Tornado Recordings
Producer(s) Count and MoonBright/Noah

Stop. Pause. Record!: A Tribute to Ozma is a tribute album released in 2022 by OZMACORD, the official Ozma fan club Discord server.


Stop. Pause. Record! was produced by Count and MoonBright/Noah and features album art from Dylan Green. It is perhaps unique in the fan-made tribute album lexicon, in that it actually received a physical release via Bandcamp[1]. Ozma posted about the record on their Instagram on the night of its release[2].


Disc 1

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Fundraiser Rap"  Ozmacord 01:13
2. "Rocks"  TheBlueBros22 01:37
3. "Rain of the Golden Gorilla"  Nostalgia Cassette City 04:12
4. "Domino Effect"  Skeleton Burning Fire Lamp 03:35
5. "Apple Trees"  Skeleton Burning Fire Lamp 03:18
6. "Continental Drift"  Hominid 05:45
7. "The Ups and Downs"  Skeleton Burning Fire Lamp 02:53
8. "Spending Time"  TheBlueBros22 02:20
9. "Flight of the Bootymaster"  Skeleton Burning Fire Lamp 03:54
10. "Restart"  Double Sphere 02:37
11. "Utsukushii Shibuya"  Jason and the Bubble T's 02:54
12. "Eponine"  Ozmacord 00:37
13. "Nervous"  The Easy Button 03:00
14. "Spending Time"  Skeleton Burning Fire Lamp 04:07
15. "Your Name"  Beaky 03:39
16. "Gameover"  foof 03:38
17. "I Wonder"  Jonnie, From Hominid 02:52
18. "Motorology 3:39"  The Easy Button 03:17
19. "Restart"  Paul Stevenson 03:35
20. "Domino Effect" (Acoustic)Lakey 01:25
21. "Underneath My Tree"    03:39

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  1. Stop Pause Record on Bandcamp
  2. Ozma Instagram post from March 4, 2022