Weezer concert: 11/23/2001

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Weezer concert: 11/23/2001
Tour Extended Midget Tour
Venue Long Beach Arena
Location Long Beach, CA
Date November 23, 2001
Supporting acts Jimmy Eat World, Tenacious D
Weezer live show chronology
11/20/2001 - San Diego, CA 11/23/2001 - Long Beach, CA 11/24/2001 - Phoenix, AZ

Weezer performed at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California on November 23, 2001 as part of the Extended Midget Tour. The opening acts were Jimmy Eat World and Tenacious D.


No. Title
1. "The Dawn"    
2. "Island In The Sun"    
3. "In The Garage"    
4. "Crab"    
5. "Knock-down Drag-out"    
6. "Fall Together"    
7. "Photograph"    
8. "Tired Of Sex"    
9. "My Name Is Jonas"    
10. "Smile"    
11. "Living Without You"    
12. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
13. "Glorious Day"    
14. "Say It Ain't So"    
15. "Don't Let Go"    
16. "Hash Pipe"    
17. "Only In Dreams"    
No. Title
18. "Buddy Holly"    
19. "Surf Wax America"    

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 11/23/2001

...this impressive ovoid arena was possibly the largest place on the tour so far, and was packed to capacity with over 12,000 wild SoCal fans. Backstage, things were hoppin with a rediculous amount of guests tripping over one another, including our buddy Darren (see photo) and none other than Tony Hawk, who was surrounded at all times by a cloud of lil' skate rats, like the X-treme pied piper. Sadly, the proliferation of the happy skate children made opportunities to hang with the birdman scarce, so no 'photo ops', sorry. Onstage the rock was again brought to life, though I heard that the 'D' didnt consider this one of their best shows (I disagree). The weez let it fly again, and Pat was heard to say that this was his personal most fun show of the tour so far.

- Karl Koch


Christine Smith

Photos taken by Christine Smith for mainstreammag.com.[2]

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