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Featured article: Weezer concert: 07/27/1992


Weezer performed on a shared bill at Coconut Teaszer in Los Angeles, California on July 27, 1992. The lineup also included Transcendental Hayride.

Karl Koch described the Coconut Teaszer as one of the "big holdouts of the glam-metal scene of the '80s" in Los Angeles, with performances from "a bizarre mix of glam bands, bar rock bands, morbid looking gothic type bands, and the occasional pop type band like weezer."

The band opened with "Undone - The Sweater Song," which included an improvised rendition of the theme from the 1972 movie Deliverance, more commonly known as "Dueling Banjos." This was done to vamp part-way through the song after Rivers Cuomo's guitar strap broke.

Like many of Weezer's earliest shows, the entire set was recorded by Koch but has not been released. The setlist from this show is the earliest that Karl Koch has in his archive. It is also "inaccurate to what [the band] played," however, as the guitar strap trouble disrupted the band's plan for the show. They had planned to debut their cover of the Wax song "So Much Talk," but wouldn't play it live until their next show on August 12. In addition to the flyer pictured at right, made by Koch, Matt Sharp made a flyer for the show that listed the price as "only one sweet dollar."

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