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Featured song: "All This Love" Play on spotify.png

Szns spring art.jpg

"All This Love" is the sixth track from Weezer's 2022 EP, SZNZ: Spring.

Originally intended for SZNZ: Summer, "All This Love" was moved onto SZNZ: Spring relatively late in the production process. This was reportedly to make room on Summer for the song "Records". The verse melody from "All This Love" is appropriated from Rivers Cuomo's 2015 demo "Good Times." The chords of the song's bridge were written by Patrick Wilson in "I Don't Feel Enough," making it the first Cuomo-Wilson song writing credit to be featured on a formal Weezer release since 1994.

When asked about the song in an interview with NPR, Cuomo seemed to imply the song was about the COVID-19 pandemic. He said: "[The song is about] this incredible feeling of pent-up energy and wanting to express yourself and go out and be social and share your love... In contrast, the first verse is [paraphrasing] "I've been stuck inside and I got this mask on my mouth, I forgot how to sing, I forgot how to love and live."

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