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Featured song: "If My Amp Had Wheels" Icon - YouTube.png

Songs of inaudible.jpg

"If My Amp Had Wheels" is the seventh track from Ozma's first full-length release, Songs of Inaudible Trucks and Cars.

The song is notable for its composition credits, as it is the first Ozma song to feature writing credits from the band's three primary songwriters: rhythm guitarist Jose Galvez, lead guitarist Ryen Slegr, and bassist Daniel Brummel. Galvez recounted that they wrote the song while still high school students at La Salle College Preparatory in Pasadena, California. "Ryen and I were bored at our lunch break," Galvez explained in 2000, "so I came up with the bass line, singing it barbershop style, and Ryen came up with the main verse melody over the bassline. [It is] the only Ozma song written without real musical instruments." Brummel's contribution would come later.

The song's title came long before the track itself was written. Slegr had previously announced he wanted to write a song titled "If My Amp Had Wheels" after having carried a large "4-ton" Gallien-Krueger amp for use during band practice. Xochitl, a name mentioned in the song (and pronounced "Sochi"), was a friend of both Slegr and Galvez.

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