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Featured article: The Doubble Donkey Disc


The Doubble Donkey Disc is the second studio album by American rock band Ozma. The album was initially released in 2001 on Ozma's own Tornado Recordings label. A remixed and remastered version was released under Kung Fu Records the following year, on June 25, 2002.

The Doubble Donkey Disc is comprised of two EP concepts sequenced to form one full-length LP. The first, dubbed the Russian Coldfusion EP, comprises the first five tracks. Included on this EP is a cover of "Korobeiniki", a 19th-century Russian folk song later popularized as the theme song to the Game Boy port of the video game Tetris (though it technically appeared first in the Macintosh/Apple IIgs versions by Spectrum Holobyte).

The second half of the album, dubbed the Bootytraps EP, features five tracks, each named after a member of the band's alter ego. The idea for this came from the original "booty" song, "Flight of the Bootymaster".

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