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Ryan Maynes, also known as "Shmedly" or "Shmed", is a musician. Best-known for his work with the pop band Arlo, he sat in with Weezer during the Album 5 demo sessions.

Weezer recruited Maynes in mid-2002 to play keyboards on the planned follow-up to Maladroit. Beginning June 21 he can be heard on various tracks from the recording sessions for the band's intended fifth album. In a 2010 article from The Missoula Independent, Maynes explains that he was hired as a potential fifth member: "They said I was going to be in Weezer, I was going to tour with them. I was going to be the new guy."

Maynes can be seen playing piano during a recording of "Prodigy Lover" featured on the DVD Video Capture Device.

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