B-sides and Rarities

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B-sides and Rarities
B-sides and Rarities cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Released unknown
Format CD-R
Length 1:12:01
Label Loose Dog
B-sides and Rarities ("2nd edition")
B-sides and Rarities ("2nd edition") cover
B-sides and Rarities ("2nd edition") cover
B-sides and Rarities ("3rd Edition")
B-sides and Rarities ("3rd Edition") cover
B-sides and Rarities ("3rd Edition") cover
This article is for the bootleg CD release. For a list of B-sides and other rarities by Weezer, see List of Weezer B-sides and bonus tracks. For the officially released rarities compilation, see Dusty Gems & Raw Nuggets.

B-sides and Rarities is an unlicensed bootleg Weezer CD-R released by the label Loose Dog.


The bootleg contains various Weezer b-sides and live recordings, as well as the songs "American Girls" by Homie, "Baby" by Rivers Cuomo, and "California" by the Rentals. The bootleg was re-released twice (with new versions labeled "2nd edition" and "3rd Edition") in slightly altered packaging.

B Sides and Rarities Volume 2, released later by the same label, includes the entirety of this bootleg as a "limited bonus disc".


No. Title Length
1. "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams"   2:40
2. "Mykel and Carli"   2:55
3. "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly"   1:59
4. "Waiting On You"   4:15
5. "Jamie"   4:21
6. "Suzanne"   2:47
7. "Devotion"   3:12
8. "Velouria"   3:57
9. "American Girls"   4:17
10. "Buddy Holly" (Acoustic ver.) 2:40
11. "El Scorcho" (Acoustic ver.) 4:07
12. "Jamie" (Acoustic ver.) 4:07
13. "The Good Life" (Live acoustic) 4:38
14. "Pink Triangle" (Live acoustic) 4:28
15. "No One Else" (Live) 3:31
16. "Butterfly" (Live acoustic) 2:49
17. "Baby" (Rivers acoustic live) 4:50
18. "Dukes Of Hazard"   1:12
19. "Adeline"   0:51
20. "Surf Wax America" (Live) 4:02
21. "California" (The Rentals) 4:23
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