Karl's Corner - 01/05/2001

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...recording day 9...Today "Starlight" got a surprise re-do from the ground up, and, while it was a long struggle to get it the way they wanted it, the hard work really paid off and rescued a song that was in trouble, putting it back up in the realm of the "favorites". Then Mikey resumed doing his bass parts, nailing down "Starlight" and 3 other songs, leaving only a few remaining that need bass work still. Pretty soon the guitar tracks will begin! Believe me, it already sounds great!

...Pat Wilson, "the human television camera magnet", today received a very strange and totally unexpected visit at the apartment he and his wife are renting here in L.A. It seems impossibly far fetched, but the long and the short of it is that you NEED to tune into the Jay Leno Show this coming Tuesday night, Jan 9th!!! This is not a joke! (though it is sure to look like one on TV!) Lets just say that it has something to do with Elvis Presley, and Pat being in the right place at the right time...(do NOT forget to TUNE IN!)

...as a side note, today (1/6 as you read this), marks the 1 year anniversary of Karl's Corner on RWA! Thanks to all of you for visiting so much and helping my pages grow!