Karl's Corner - 01/16/2001

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...recording day 20...Today Ric and the engineers continued the time-consuming process of "comping" vocal tracks, to compare and choose the best attempts from the various takes. Also, there was a last minuite decision made to change the key of "O Girlfriend", which required everyone (except Pat) to re-do their parts in a different key. Then Rivers re-sang it too...good as new! I kind of missed some of the details as I was buried in T-shirt design work and other hectic buisness all day. But I did get a chance to do the first mini-profile of our excellent album crew.

Bobby Schneck

Guitar Technician, Amplifier repair, pedal board rebuilder
Bobby has been working in the music buisness for a while now, originally as a musician, and in recent years as an in-demand guitar tech. In recent times he has worked both on the road and in the studio with The Cult, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrissette, The Goo Goo Dolls, Poison (!), Tsar, and The Inflatable Party Sheep (the Reunion Album). He is a certified "gear head", lovingly collecting, playing, and fixing all kinds of guitars, and the mutitudinous pedals and amps that go with them. Of all the guitars he's had the chance to play and work on, he says his favorite is Billy Duffy's (of the Cult) 1962 Gretsch White Falcon (the guitar you hear on "She Sells Sanctuary").

album quote: "I'll take a double cheeseburger with fried onions, and a large onion rings"

favorite new phrase: "Let's F*** all and bung the bass over"

...also, I am happy to report that weezer has donated the proceeds from the Dec 30th Goat Punishment show to Petra Hayden's medical bill fund, as the guys were unable to make the Benefit show in late November, and wanted to help out. This donation would not have been possible (nor sizable) without the very generous actions of Pat, the band's manager, Jenna, their booking agent, and Shelly their accountant, all of whom waived their fees for this show, to help weezer help out Petra. Thanks!