Karl's Corner - 01/28/2001

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...recording day 31...Second last day at this studio! That's right, after tommorows (sure to be extremely long) session here, we pack up the gear, and go to Miami on Wednesday to mix the album. The record is being mixed by a Mr.Tom Lord-Alge, who has mixed at least eight million records for just about everyone. While down there, there will likely be further minor recording work done on certain tracks, as problems come up or funny sounding bits and pieces are noticed. So we can't say the recording is over till its over!

...Today flew by, sorry no pictures, I was busy working on a new video clip, which will hopefully be prepared in a day or two...It wasn't too visually exciting today anyway. Rivers worked for hours and hours on "Island In The Sun", searching for the right sounds. This song is pretty special and fairly unlike other weezer songs, so it's taking a lot of work to nail down. Later, work was done on "Inside A Smile", and "Crab". Almost everything is ready for mixing!

...special Superbowl quote time: right after the Giants returned a kickoff all the way back for a 95 yard touchdown run:

me: "...How in the world did he do that?"
Mikey: "He got through the main area of dudes."

...move over, John Madden!