Karl's Corner - 01/29/2001

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...recording day 32...LAST DAY IN THE BIG STUDIO...I write this in a state of exhaustion, after a very long last "official" recording day. As I wrote before, more bits and pieces will be worked on as the record is mixed in Miami, but the bulk of the work is done! Mixed into todays frantic last minute changes (and yet another handclap session) was a photo shoot for a magazine. Later the band's equipment had to be all packed up and gotten ready for its next public appearance, on tour! So far the experience of this record has been unbelievably positive, and all who have worked on it seem to have had a great experience, despite the near total lack of rest and days off! Now the challenge lay in presenting the music to its best potential.... and choosing, for once and for all, which songs are going to be on this thing!