Karl's Corner - 01/08/2001

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...recording day 12...Today we moved into "studio 3", down the hall from the big room we were in previously. This room also has had a ton of killer albums made in it, including "the big one" penned by a certain Mr. Wilson back in the day (no, not Pat...)..so we are hoping the magic rubs off and keeps the weezer sessions rocking hard!

Today was guitar day #1, where the basic rhythm guitars on no less than 12 songs were laid down in one marathon session, punctuated only with brief breaks for water or a quick bite to eat. The 10 hour session was mostly done without air conditioning (to keep the room temperature consistent, so the guitars didnt go out of tune), so the recording room became a virtual sauna for the whole day! But Rivers and the guys were determined to make a ton of progress and keep the album on schedule, and they did just that.

...P.S.: just a reminder to tune into the Tonight Show tonight (Tues 9th), for a random treat featuring Pat Wilson...!