Karl's Corner - 05/04/2001

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the word from the music video watchers is in. Today saw the Canadian debut of "Hash Pipe" on Much Music TV. For whatever reason, MM chose to wait a while before "world premering" the video, (a day later than the Austin public access station played it!). Now that its "on", heres the link to request it: Much Music "On Demand" Request Address.

...Meanwhile, over here in the States, numerous TRL watchers forced themselves to admit their habit by passing on the info that "Hash Pipe", (curiously known only as "Pipe" on a station known for some of the most R-rated young person's programming in the world...is it going to be like Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" video, with Rivers saying "I've got my Pipe Pipe"?!?), appeared on the TRL "wanna-be's" segment, where clips of "up and coming" videos are played. A weez vid on TRL? Now I've seen everything.