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5/12/01: Austin/Dallas reports; Radio Report #8; site still glitchy

RANDOM NEWS BITS (no time to properly categorize them on the site right now..)

May 28, DC: Weezer will play in a "private room at WHFS RFK show. Approximately 500 people will attend." Other details, including Chicago, Philly, etc, coming ASAP!

...Hash Pipe will definately be the first single in germany/europe. It will be out somewhere in june.

...'The Green Album' was reviewed in this weeks edition of Kerrang magazine.

They gave it 5 K's which is the highest recomendation available. "The chances of there being a better album than 'the green album' released this year are slim." ......" "The Green Album" may well be brief but it's quality is dizzying"....... "What these 11 songs say are that Weezer are the best at this: delete all competition."

...See the LA Times article here ...Some very interesting quotes from Rivers, particularly at the end!!

...CDNow: up to #8, Amazon.com: up to #29

...The Green Album has been voted "release of the week" on wallofsound.com, beating the many other cds coming out on the 15th, such as REM and Tool.

...the upcoming Paris show is almost sold out! (and could be transfered to a bigger venue)

...Hash Pipe appeared on MTV2's Control Freak 5/10. It won by an amazing margin of 74 percent of votes to the other two video's 12 percent and 14 percent.

...important info: the LA Tower Records In-Store: The doors are letting in the 250 people (who bought the album first that day) at 5.30 pm prompt. Depending on how long they take to get the people in, weezer will likely be starting to play about 5:35 PM.

...apologies for the glitches and bugs still persisting. By Monday there will be some serious progress happening. Thanks to all who sent in HTML suggestions, etc. And apologies to the lovers of the old message board, we got very short notice that we had to pull it, an we know that didnt give you guys time to save the stuff you liked. Unfortunately that board was a "stop-gap" measure and we found out rather suddenly that we were overdue to be booted out of there. But since the new board is still kinda wacky, we know it forces you into an uncomfortable new place that feels odd, and need some repairs. Again, I'm sorry about that.

Austin: Stubbs BBQ promo show: fans say...

"send my thanks to the boys for a great show last night at Stubb's. Of course we would have loved it if the set had been longer. No complaints though! Also, it was really cool how they hung out for so long to sign stuff. It was definately worth the hell we went through to win tickets. Thanks again to all involved!!" --kristyn

"...It was the greatest night of my life. What else can I say? The doors opened at 7, and I anxiously awaited the band's entrance on the stage for an hour. There was a decent size crowd, with people of all shapes and sizes attending. As you know, this was for radio winners only. That's right, just like in Arizona. So having read your post before I went to the show, I noticed the band took extra measure today to make sure that wouldn't happen. For instance, 101x was all over the radio explaining that this would be a shorter set showcasing new material. Before the band went on, a techie announced this same thing and that the band would even play a couple of old songs. They started off with Don't Let Go, then played about 5 other new album songs and intertwined Say it Aint So. They ended with Undone. It sounded like there might've been technical issues (as Rivers' guitar didn't seem loud enough on the solos and was drowned out by the bass) but I loved every second of it. The crowd was not your normal weezer crowd, seeing as how the tickets were given to anyone who won, not fans willing to buy. So they were a little bit rowdy. Ok, so it was still a very intimate setting, and I loved it. Rivers said they'd sign autographs. A techie said they'd only sign for an hour, but then later said they'd sign as neccessary. <---that makes them ubercool. Also, they sold tour shirts. I didn't know there would be any! It's way cool. The image of the supergirls on the front, tour dates on back. Nice. Oh yeah, the greatest point in my life came next. I waited in line for autographs. It went by pretty fast. The band was at a table and signing away. As I was in line, I waved to Brian. He winked back! I feel like such an Nsync fan for loving that but hey, weezer's too good to hold back my love. So when I get up to the line, an inspector asks what I'm going to have them sign. I brought two things: pinkerton cover and red faces sticker. I don't know his name, but he had sort of a lazy eye and glasses (I bet you know him), and he said I could have both signed. First up, Pat. "Hey Pat, great show. I just bought the Special Goodness cd." He laughs. "Good work on that." He says, "Thanks," and shakes my hand. Mikey signed and passed it on. Brian was next. "Hey Brian." He replies hello. A million things are running through my mind, you know? I meant to tell him I loved the bending move he did at the end of the Hash Pipe video, but I forgot. Let him know! Lastly, Rivers Cuomo himself. "Hey Rivers, how is it going?" I said oh so nonchalantly. "Hey," he mutters without looking up. He signs my faces sticker. He picks up the pinkerton cover and signs. "I just want you to know that I really appreciate everything you did on that album," I say. He looks up, gave a genuine "Thank you," and shook my hand. My life is complete."--mynameisjonas

Dallas EdgeFest show: fans say...

"...well i just got back and holy crap that was amazing. we got there at about 3:15 and saw oleander play first then lifehouse then weezer. for oleander there were maybe 40 out of 10000 standing. and for lifehouse noone outside of the pit was standing. and for weezer about 95 percent of the people were standing. it was utterly amazing to be there and you could very easily see that the reason this show sold out in record time was because or weezer. but about the show, the set was what i thought the perfect amount of time. they played about 7 new songs and about 10 oldies. me and my friend were goin nuts. he is really big and i am really small and we almost got kicked out for dancing in the isles!!!! it was the coolest. the staff there were bein kinda jerky about not letting people stand in the isles yet noone did anything about the chicks in the pit possibly getting raped. they would be on top of the crowd and you would see their top come undone and then they would just sink into the crowd. this was what pissed me off most. after the set weezer went and signed autographs and i got to hug all of them." --Levi

"...This show seemed wierd to me because they were playing really slow. There was hype potential. I was on the lawn and during the first chorus on undone and say it aint so the speakers totally crapped out. You could hardly hear any sound at all. I was holding my ear up to the stage. The people in the seats didn't seem to notice. They didn't come back until the verse (quiet part). There was one time (I can't remember when) when everything sounded like it was distorted for about a second. Even Rivers. I think you guys blew their speakers. Or something. If it's too loud, turn it down. On a positive note, when the speakers were working (most of the time) the sound coming out of them was really good. Sweet tones. I got there at 12pm and baked all day till =w= came on and yeah, the sunburn was worth it. But after Surfwax I had to haul ass (as did many other people, apparently), so I hope you guys didn't play an encore. But as a =w= fan, you pretty much know it's safe to haul ass after surfwax." -Brendan

...Hash Pipe Video update: : Already on the muchmusic countdown, #29 out of 30.

...Green Album News: contrary to what I was told, the Green Album (already out in japan and Europe), does not have any bonus tracks on the European release. Not sure if the UK release will be the same or not.

..."The Green Album Radio Report Part 8: 5/5+"...what YOUR requests are doing...

(note the reports from 4/10-5/4 have been moved to the Fans' news pages,

which will be back shortly (if you bookmarked them before I think theyre still accessable...)

Want to request the song from anywhere in the country? A fan has set up a handy Radio Station Contact List Page with phone #s and email links to many stations nationwide!

  • Will weezer ever come to alberta weezer is doing great here it is getting

air time on 100.3 the bear here in edmonton and getting played on much.

  • our local radio station, 91X, the guys who threw the =WEEZER= bowl, are

going to play the Green Album, in its entirety, tonight (May 12) at 9:30 pm.

  • last Sunday "Live 105" (105.3 FM) in San

Fransisco previewed about 5 songs off the new album on the program "Soundcheck." They played Photograph and Glorious Day. I don't remember the other few songs they played though, sorry.

  • Well, for the last 3 nights, Tool's "Schism" beat

Hash Pipe on Chicago's Q101. But, that hasn't stopped me from requesting. It will beat Schism, which in my opinion is the longest and most torturous song ever!

  • ? I was listening to my local radio station (X96 in Salt Lake City UT) when a program came on called X-posed where they play 3 brand new songs and people call in and vote for their favorite. Anyways, Photograph was 1 of the 3 and I tried to call in to vote but it was busy. But in the end Photograph ended up winnning!
  • Kroq is playing Island in the Sun as a single now

Just heard it about a half hour ago.

  • yesterday (05/11) on the french radio RTL, the show

called Zikweb their rubric of "the album of day" to the Green Album of Weezer. They played three songs of it Starlight (i guess it was a bside?) Hash Pipe and Island in the sun The dj said it was very good and it was promising for the guys of Weezer. Meanwhile, the radio France Inter has been playing new songs of weezer for a month now like Don't let go, hash pipe and starlight, it's every evening and there the dj said it was excellent!!

  • WIYY Baltimore 97.9fm played "Photograph" on Friday. Very strange; they

don't even play "Hash Pipe".

  • weezer is now 17th at pramborsfm top 40 charts in they 2nd

week!!... it reported from jakarta, indonesia!!..

  • Here in Australia, Weezer's "Hash Pipe" is at #41 on the Triple J radio

stations weekly Net 50. This was the songs first week on the 50, and should go up from here as it will now get played during the Net 50 show on Saturday nights.

  • I heard Photograph

( or at least the end of it ) on X96 in Salt Lake City, as a preview kind of thing

  • jed the fish from kroq played island in the sun for his catch of the

day. he also played clips of o-girlfriend, smile and photograph.

  • Hash Pipe was voted number 1 at 86% of votes against 10 other

bands on the Radio1 Buzzchart UK tonight! I also requested it for my birthday and Steve Lamacq, the DJ, dedicated it to me. A bit earlier, the votes were at:

Beta Band - 'Squares' 65 (1%)

Delinquent Habits - 'Return of the Tres' 40 (1%)

Ikara Colt - 'Sinking Venice' 23 (0%)

I Monster - 'Daydream' 174 (3%)

JJ72 - 'Algeria (flood mix)' 123 (2%)

KRS1 - 'Get yourself Up' 201 (3%)

The Music - 'Take the Long Road and Walk It' 336 (6%)

Mohobishopi - 'Names' 85 (2%)

New Found Glory - 'Hit or Miss' 75 (1%)

Weezer - 'Hash Pipe' 4817 (81%)

  • WRBC 91.5 FM in Lewiston, ME has received the Hash Pipe single and many of

the DJs are playing it...So many, in fact, that it is #7 on the Top 30, and the only single on the list

  • Here in Quebec City Weezer is playing a lot, I mean a lot (3 to 5 times a day on CHOI FM 98.1) and Weezer is # 2 on the countdown.
  • In Seattle, on 107.7 the end, Hash Pipe is being played at least 3-4 times a

day. the DJ's love it and they make fun of people who don't like it. On the People's Choice Countdown, it's been in the top 2 for 4 weeks this friday.

  • The scene: WKRL 100.9 K-rock, Syracuse's leading rock radio station.

The song: Hash Pipe by Weezer The lowdown: #1 on the nightly Big Ten at 10 for over a week.

  • Hash pipe has now reached number 14 on the new rock top 30 on the edge 102.1 in toronto, canada, in just 3 weeks

The Edge, 106.3, out here in Phoenix has a top ten. (my friend told me this, seeing that I don't listen to radio, so sorry is this is a little sketchy) They did their Top Ten, and #10 was Say It Ain't So. Cool. However, even cooler was Hash Pipe was #1 on this countdown. Rocking! Also, they had some new guy on right after, and about the fourth song he played my Say It Ain't So. So the weez were 3 time in about an hour. (Report was prior to the 'Rawhide' thing...)

  • on 102.1 the edge here in Dallas "hash pipe" has been 1,2, or 3 on the ten o'clock news ever since it came out.
  • Hash Pipe was played as a special preview

on London's 104.9 XFM Monday night over here in the UK.

  • Hash Pipe has moved from 15 to 9 on most requested songs on Lick 106.3 Little


  • On Sunday night, May 6th, on Pittsburgh's 105.9 The X, they played TWHTALMH,

My Name is Jonas, Buddy Holly, Say it Ain't So, and Surf Wax from the '96 Reading Festival...It was pretty cool but I still don't like the station b/c I've called for years to request =w= and they never once accommodated me.

  • good Weezer airplay last night. Live 105, San Francisco, played 4 Weezer songs from the green album, Don't Let Go, Hash Pipe, Glorious Day, and Photograph.
  • - radio 104

hartford plays hashpipe all the time and the dj's say it kicks ass....

  • 101X Austin TX: Everyone is going bananas over this concert, where you can

only win tickets from winning contests on May 11th. Someguy pierced his un...manhood, some chicck covered her self in peanut putter. It's wierd.. the song is getting some major rotation. Last Night..Number 3 on the top 6 at 9. And on Austin Music Network, the video has been getting played quite a few times.

  • Radio 3 (Spain's national radio station)

is playing "Island In The Sun" quite regullarly. It could be a great second single.

  • "Hash Pipe" dropped in at the 29th place in "de afrekening", a program which broadcasts the coolest 40 songs at the moment on "Studio Brussel", the most popular radiostation in Belgium!!
  • you know that ppl can vote for Hash Pipe on Australian

radio station Triple J's 'Net 50' chart which is played every Saturday. The
link is:
Triple J is a major nationally-broadcasted alternative station here in
Australia and they've always been pretty good with playing Weezer.

  • Hash Pipe is #1 Most Played Song on KROQ in L.A.
  • KCRW, L.A.'s best public radio station and the first radio station to

play Weezer has started playing Island in the Sun...