Karl's Corner - 05/27/2001

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5/27/01 Day Off = demos in D.C.!

...today the guys took advantage of a rare day off to record some demos of new songs. A local D.C. studio was booked and the session lasted from 2 PM till about midnight. The guys worked at an extremely fast pace, but not due to rushing. They had practiced these songs a lot in the last few weeks during soundcheck, and had even played some of them live at the St. Louis show. So it wasnt too difficult to get some pretty nice-sounding versions down on tape! The songs were done "live", except for the vocals. After the 12 songs were put down, the guys went back and added lead and backup vocals, all together at once. Everyone really enjoyed this technique and planned on using it more in the future. At the end of the day, 12 songs were done, 10 of which came out really good, and 2 of which didn't quite gel. The songs recorded were (all provisional titles):

Burnt Jamb (no lyrics, first appeared at the St. Louis show)
Listen Up
American Gigolo
High Up Above
Keep Fishin' (first appeared at the St. Louis show)
Not In Love (first appeared at the St. Louis show as "I'm Not In Love With You")
I Can't Tell You (1 of 2 songs that didn't quite "gel" today)
Happy Grunge (1 of 2 songs that didn't quite "gel" today)
Take Control (first appeared at the St. Louis show)
Saturday Night (first appeared at the St. Louis show)
Puerto Vallerta

..so, why did they do this demo? Well, the new songs have been flowing pretty good since the Green Album was "put to bed", and everyone is already excited about doing the next album. Rather than ignore the new stuff while touring for the Green Album, the guys have opted to prepare in advance, so that whenever they finally have the opportunity to make the next album, they will be fully ready to go, without having to go through another painful selection and demo process like last time. They want to rock and they want to rock now!