Karl's Corner - 05/23/2001

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5/23/01: Tower signing in Chicago, #2 in Canada!

"The Green Album" did even better up in Canada, debuting at #2! Only Tool came in ahead, geting #1 just like in the States.

Today's event was an in-store autograph signing at a Tower Records here in Chicago. Fans waited in a long line that ran out the door and down the street, while periodic rain showers kept things... uh, wet. While there was a cut-off for getting into line, it was still allowed to get extremely long before reaching the limit, and the guys met fans and signed autographs for over 2 hours, till everybody in line got through.

Later we all went to a good restaurant and enjoyed a little time to catch up on the weez-biz, and of course act dumb.

...here's a question, to any of you who joined the "weezer street team" recently... What do you think about it? How is it? Email your thoughts and comments on this to my adress at the top of the page...thanks.