Karl's Corner - 05/07/2001

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...well Hash Pipe premeired on MTV tonight, and many of you let me know what you thought: "...'H*** Pipe'!? What the hell was that?! Ok.. why is it MTV has to be [stupid] about it and Much Music plays the real thing without debate?! You should make a letter campaign to MTV to get them to play the real version and stop cutting it into pieces! Anyways.. saw the real one on MUCH, and it kicks booty!"....."I just want to inform you that I'm in love with the video, and what could be better than sumo wrestlers/backup singers."......"let me get this straight. It's alright to have close-ups of Sumo wrestler ass, but you can't say the word hash?"........"The Weezer video was awesome, all the slow motion of extra large men jumping around, haha. But I cant believe MTV had the nerve to call it "H*** Pipe"!!! Goodness, well it was great except for that and when everytime hash pipe was supposed to be spoken, it wasnt."..... "Who woulda thought, Sumos and Weezer. . . makes no sense. I describe it as the anti-video, and think it was a perfect way to expose Weezer, without over exposing themselves. Genius, disturbing, and crude. . . I applaud you all. Kudos."

...also, "Hash Pipe" ("H*** Pipe") is in the "play my song" voting section for TRL. Whoah!

...and here's the final word on the weezer Japan tour. buckle your seat belts!

"I went to weezer's concert on 26th in TOKYO at Zepp. It's their last show in japan this time...so of course i was enjoy n felt happy as i could join the last show but i feel very sad and miss weezer as they will leave japan after this show...(:_;) ...first, before rivers start to sing I DO, he sang japanese count song! so i felt very funny! o(^-^)o he is so cool! (>_<)!! the show was very great as usual! every audience was so excited and had a lot of fun! fun! fun! jump! jump! jump!o(^-^)o ...after they played buddy holly, i came to feel i lost my mind coz everyone was exciting too much specially at that time! so unfortunately, security helped me and i went out hall. BUT i didn't wanna miss any songs in last show, so i just breathed a lot of air and i came back to hall after few seconds. i really love weezer like that! o(^-^)o ...during the show, when i shouted in japanese 'weezer KAKKO-EE!!'(it means "weezer is so cool n hundsum!"), rivers answered in japanese: "ee-a" (it means 'no'). then he said "KAKKO-EE DA-ME" (it means "it's not cool n hundsum.") i wanna tell them that "NO WEEZER, NO LIFE!" weezer is NO.1 band group all over the world for me! i really mean it! o(^-^)o thanks a lot for coming japan to play great shows! and please come back here ASAP! we are always waiting for weezer! now i miss weezer too much and i'm just waiting for new album! i love weezer from the bottom of my heart!! -kyoko o(^-^)o "

...updated tour info as of 5/7...

"Hooptie Tour USA"
May 8 San Diego, CA: 91X sponsored "Bowling With Weezer". Live performance plus bowling with the band to ticket winners. Tickets only available via radio contest, see www.91x.com for more info.
May 9 Phoenix, AZ: Arizona State University. Autograph signing at the on-campus record shop Hoodlum's. Live show for "the Edge" radio call-in winners at Rawhide. NOTE: the show is ONLY open to the call-in winners, the Rawhide website had bad info listed.
May 11 Austin, TX: Live show at Stubb's Barbeque. Special 101x show. Tickets only available via phone-in contest.
May 12 Dallas, TX: Live show at KDGE Edgefest: Smirnoff Music Centre
May 13 Tulsa, OK: Live show at KMYZ Birthday Bash, Will Rogers Downs
May 14 (day off) Karl flies to LA, rejoins the gang at last! (here come the video clips...)
May 15 Los Angeles: Live show at Tower Records (Hollywood) (Its inside-NOT the parking lot (why?)), first 250 people to purchase the CD (store opens at 9 AM) will get a wristband to watch the show! Time: TBA (afternoon most likely) There will probably be jumbotron's/PA system outside of Tower for those who can't get in.
May 16 Burbank (L.A.): TV performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
May 17 Los Angeles, CA (Six Flags Magic Mountain): Kroq's "Punk Rock Prom" Apparently only open to radio contest winners.
May 19 Live performance on Saturday Night Live!
May 20 St Louis,MO: Live show at 105.7 The Point's "Pointfest" at the Riverport Ampitheatre. Tickets are $29.00
May 22 Detroit, MI Airborne Skatepark. open to radio contest winners on 89x...all the contest's from may 5 to 12th are giving away weezer tickets "Listen all this week, from 7am to 11 pm. for your chance to win a pair of laminate passes to the X-Clusive Weezer Private Show for 89X listeners happening May 22 at Airborn Skate Park in Roseville. The band will play live and after the performance, and do an autograph signing. These tickets can only be won on the air"
May 24 Chicago, IL
May 27 Toronto, ONT Canada
May 30 Boston, MA TBA (Mikey's mom's house?!?)
Jun 1 Washington D.C.
Jun 3 Philadelphia, PA
Jun 5 New York, NY: live performance on the Conan O'Brian Show
Jun 6 New York, NY: Virgin Records Times Square: details TBA
jun 8-14: off?
June 15 Finland - Provinssi Rock Festival
June 16 Sweden - Hultsfred Festival
June 18 Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
June 19 Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpehuset
June 21 Dortmund, Germany - Soundgarden (Visions)
June 23 Neuhausen, Germany - Southside
June 24 Scheesel, Germany - Hurricane (Mainstage) info at www.hurricane.de
June 25 Amsterdam, Holland - Melkweg Max
June 26 Paris, France - Elysee Montmarte
June 28 Madrid, Spain - Arena
June 29 Barcelona, Spain - Razzamatazz
July 01 Belgium - Werchter Festival
July 03 London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
July 04 London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
July 05 London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
July 07 Manchester, UK - Academy
July 08 Scotland - T in the Park Festival