Karl's Corner - 05/13/2001

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5/13/01 Squashing Bugs...Tulsa...I'm goin' west!

...Hey folks, thanks for your helpful emails, pointing out the glitches. Superman Dan has gotten on the case and the problems are tumbling down one by one! Dan has been busting his ass for a solid week and has really done a good job with the big switch. And remember, the new message board's problems are not
Dan's fault. Theyre no one's fault. And we have decided that if it cant be made smooth and fast soon, we will take whatever actions necessary to make the message boards everything they once were and then some. For now bear with us and give the tech-folks a chance to work on it.

...Dont forget, this coming Saturday the 19th: Weezer on Saturday Night Live, with Christopher Walken hosting!

...the "Knock Down Camp Out" organizer reports that camp-outs will be occuring in 48 out of 50 US states and in several other countries too! No camp-outs in Montana and Wyoming?!

...The Green Album is out in Australia! Weezer fans have reported that there are 10 songs on the Australian version, just like the US version, so again this is contrary to what we thought we knew before. Hmmm. Besides Japan, who's getting bonus track(s)?

....In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, The Green Album was given a 4 star review!

...this was copied out of the Tower Records website. I'm not sure if this version or the version of events i posted yesterday (see below) is more accurate....
"5pm Weezer will be performing live! The first 325 people to purchase the CD on May 15th will receive a laminate that will allow them to enter the store for the performance that evening. An additional 250 people will receive a wristband allowing those fans to line up outside to meet the band after the performance. The band will stay to sign autographs after the performance."

...Today's show was in Tulsa. you said...

"...it was a great show except for when Mikey seemed to intentionally ignore Rosemund... Oh well maybe he was having a bad day? its not my heart he hurt..."


...tomorrow I head to LA to (finally) re-join the guys on the road! I guess the big event tomorrow is a live AOL chat with the band. I dont have details but hopefully Dan can get a link up on RWA news while im on the plane tomorrow morning....prepare yourself for some new pictures and new video clips!