Karl's Corner - 05/21/2001

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5/21/01 Day off somewhere in suburban Detroit

"The biggest concert up here in Juneau, Alaska this year is the triumphant
return of Juice Newton. Last year we got the melodious, dance inspiring
tunes of Quiet Riot. Who's next, Eddie Money? Krokus? WEEZER? Is life
really worth living anymore?"-- (deprived) fan

We drove all night to Detroit, and woke up in a rather fancy suburb, complete with overpriced clothing shoppes. Excellent brick-oven pizza was located nearby. Many many many phone calls and other biz were taken care of. I still didnt catch up on all the things still missing from the site, but I did get Rivers's darn printer working again, after about 4 hours on the phone with various tech-support hotlines.

I got some letters today from some people who report that The Green Album has debuted in the UK at #31, (#3 in the "rock" chart), and in Australia at #25! The word on first week US Sales is official as of early Wednesday! It seems the Hash Pipe UK single will be released June 18, and it will have one (currently unidentified) b-side. The promotion of the new album over there seems to be timed with the bands upcoming visit to UK/Europe. Other interesting bits I've learned are: The Japanese Green Album CD "+2 songs" comes packaged with a cool weezer sticker inside; The first Japan single is "Photograph", but the b-side(s) are still unclear on that one. The Japanese "Hash Pipe" single, coming soon, will have 2 B-sides, also unknown at this point.

hey look its Run-DMC...