Karl's Corner - 06/02/2005

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06/02/05 Ich nenne sie das Lunts von Blaine

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...back in Germany!

The day started 'yesterday', on 6/1, in Los Angeles (except for Rivers who flew in to Germany a few days early) (and Brian who is arriving on 6/3) (ok, i concede - tours are more complicated than they appear), with the gang (the ausgang) assembling at the Lufthansa terminal, where we ran into all of Velvet Revolver except for Scott Wieland, who are also going to Europe for their own tour and ended up being on the same flight as us. It was cool. Despite it being a packed to the gills 10 hour flight, Scott got to catch up with his old buddy Dave Kushner who plays guitar in VR, and it was fun hanging out with Slash n' co., if mostly just for a little while at baggage claim. 2 iffy meals, 2 even iffier movies, and a lot of extra-iffy fitful non-sleep-ish nap attempts later, we landed in Frankfurt, got on the waiting tourbus, and drove 2 hours to Koln, where we are staying till we trek over to the Rock Am Ring festival grounds about an hour away on 6/3. Confused yet? Me too.

Hey, they got German hip-hop now, or at least now they play it on the music video stations. Hmm. Ok, my impressions from past tours need to be modified. Its not all dance & techno music over here. But it does feel like rock n roll is fighting an uphill battle sometimes. (Then again, this feels true in the USA sometimes too!) Weezer hasn't always had the best luck in Germany, with experiences ranging from the excellent Visions100 gig in '01 to some unfortunate cancellations at other times. But we are back, to rock it out! We're hoping to find that the German peeps feel the same way...

...side note - to those missing the multi-picture karls corner of old (and believe me, that includes me), I am close to heshing it out work-around style. Once i get it sorted there will be more pix per post, and Ill be able to go back and add more pix (including the large size versions in all their detail) to the past stories that have been lacking. Thanks for your understanding.