Karl's Corner - 06/11/2005

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06/11/05 contrary to public opinion, I dont see very well

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 31: Travel to London, UK (day off)
Today we woke up at the hotel thats actually across the street from the Vienna Airport, walked to the terminal and boarded the flight to London. It went pretty smoothly, facilitated by the presence of a Starbucks right next to our gate. We arrived in London late afternoon and settled in at the hotel we will be calling home for the next 4 days. London is by now pretty familiar to us, and its cool to be back and actually know how to get around and more importantly where to go! Personal recomendation: the Treasures Gallery at the British Library.

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...a fans' petition to "get weezer down under" is here.

...if you ain't heard the new album "Make Believe" yet, or you want to turn someone on to it without dropping cash, or you just want to jam it whilst computing when away from your cd, check out heavy.com - once there, click on the "heavy radio" icon in the bottom corner and you'll see the full Make Believe album preview channel. (and then go buy it, ya heard?)

...several weezer fan message boards serviced by ezboard, including w.i.d.f. and others have recently suffered from some major hacking attacks that messed up tons of ezboard message board sites. Regular visitors may be experiencing problems with the sites, as many posts and some memberships were deleted or lost. Ezboard is supposed to be repairing these problems, but theres no word as to exactly when.