Karl's Corner - 06/16/2005

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06/16/05 which is more life like, the horse or Dr. Pearl

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 36: travel day - to Glasgow
Today we went to Heathrow airport in London, and flew up to Glasgow Scotland. Not a very long flight at all, but with the transport to and from the airports, plus check in times, traffic, waiting in lines etc, the travel managed to eat up the whole afternoon. Fortunately, after we had settled into the hotel, a stunning Indian restaruant was found and there was much rejoicing. And eating.

Also this afternoon, Rivers did a taped interview with Zane Lowe for Radio 1. We dont yet know when it will be aired however, so stay tuned!

large size picture link: here.

...July tour update: heres what is known to date, including all recent new info:

07/02/05 Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Convention Center - w/RHCP - sold out
07/05/05 Kansas City - Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre - 96.5 Buzz Beach Ball - on sale now
07/07/05 Milwaukee, WI - Marcus Amphitheater - Summerfest - w/ The Pixies and The Fray - on sale now
07/09/05 Toronto, ONT - Molson Ampitheatre - w/ The Pixies and The Fray - on sale now
07/10/05 - Montreal, QC - The Stade Uniprix - with (TBA) and The Fray - on sale now
07/12/05 - Lewiston, ME - Central Maine Civic Center - with (TBA) and The Fray - on sale now
NEW: 07/13/05 - Uniondale, NY - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - w/ Taking Back Sunday and (TBA) - on sale now
07/14/05 - Atlantic City, NJ - The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa Event Center - with (TBA) and The Fray - ON SALE SATURDAY JUNE 18, 10 AM
07/16/05 Atlanta, GA - Underground Atlanta - WNNX 99X event - on sale now
***NEW*** 07/17/05 - Myrtle Beach, SC - ***TBA***
07/21/05 - Nashville, TN - Nashville Municipal Auditorium - with (TBA) - ON SALE FRIDAY JUNE 17 at 10 AM
****NEW*** 07/22/05 - St. Louis, MO - The Saavis Center - with (TBA) - ON SALE SATURDAY JUNE 18 at 10 AM
07/23/05 Chicago, IL - Hutchinson Field at Grant Park - Lollapalooza

Please check back to weezer's Ticketmaster page for further ticket info, as I have not been given any more onsale nor presale info yet, and I dont want you to miss out. If I hear of any new presale info it will go up right away.

...speaking of touring, nothing ive seen nor heard so far contradicts what people have noticed in this NME article...

...I have learned that this article, a nice recent interview with Rivers, was also in the print version of last week's LA Weekly, which was a cover story - Weezer's first! That means a lot to this band, who back in '92-'93 constantly pored over the minutae of the weekly listings, scanning for any positive mention of weezer, any faint recommendation or recognition of their countless formative LA gigs.

...update on the German 'Rockpalast' TV stuff. 5 song performances from the Rock Am Ring festival that weezer played on 6/3 will indeed be aired on the German station WDR, on their Rockpalast show. However, these will not actually be aired until October sometime, for reasons I don't know. However, Mtv (Europe) also has rights to these filllmed performances, but we do not have info as to when they intend to broadcast them. We do know that Mtv has already shown the performance of "Buddy Holly" on their "Best Of Rock Am Ring 2005" special.

...The Beverly Hills Video was #1 on MTV2's "T-Minus Hits" countdown on 6/15

...KROQ LA's "furious 5 at 9" for 6/15 included not one but 2 "Make Believe" tracks: Perfect Situation at #5 and We Are All on Drugs at #3!

...Modesto CA's New Rock 96.7 lists Beverly Hills as their #2 most played track.

...China - an unknown Chinese TV channel has been playing the "Beverly Hills" video in high rotation! Spotted on satellite TV in China. (wow!)

...Philippines: Beverly Hills video playing on Mtv Philippines and MYX, the song is heard on 'Campus Radio 97.1' (the DJ: "a funky song - beverly hills from weezer. the same guys who brought you 'teenage dirtbag'. yes, they are back..." ?!??!? heh heh!)

...Australia: Triple J radio playing many Make Believe tracks, including "Peace" as part of the 'Super Request' program and 'This Is Such a Pity' on 'Today Today'.

...New Zealand: 'Beverly Hills' showing up in the nightly top 20 request shows of pop stations is going crazy, the two pop stations ZM and the Edge.

...United Arab Emirates: 'Beverly Hills' video spotted on MTV NOW in a Dubai hotel!

...and all over the USA and Canada, theres too much activity to list - various Make Believe tracks are getting on all sorts of playlists, including heavy play for We Are All On Drugs (stay tuned for news on this one) and Perfect Situation, plus some action for Pardon Me, Peace, and My Best Friend. Thanks to all for their local reports!