Karl's Corner - 06/09/2005

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06/09/05 everybody dance!

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 29: Paris, France - day off
a very rare true day off, no travel whatsoever - and in Paris on a warm sunny day, you gotta get out there and check things out! Many many miles were walked today by everyone (save for Rivers who decided to go to Vienna a day early) (I said it before, I'll say it again, tours are more complicated then they appear), as the sights were seen, the art appreciated, the cathedrals photographed and the utterly delicious food consumed.

One of my 3 personal epic walks today was with Pat, and a funny thing happened at the Plaza de la Concorde, as we were crossing the very wide street, we saw a minivan parked on the median and a lady standing there in distress. Though there was a Franco-American language gap, she flagged us over and asked for help, as her front tire had a blowout and she didnt know how to change it. An elderly wonam who we presumed to be her mother was in the van as well. Pat said something like "hell, tires are the same everywhere, lets do it!", and so we changed her tire, and they were very happy. The woman then forced us to take 30 euros in gratitude, no matter how we protested! So, unable to give it back to her, off we went, eventually spending it on Louvre tickets and crepes.

Large size pic here.

...chart stoke: Make Believe holds steady at #17 in its 4th week on the charts in the US!

...an excellent LA Weekly interview with Rivers is online here.